Unit 1 2013 Deadlines

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    Unit 1 2012 Deadlines

  • Task 2 (Internet Searching Sheet) Deadline

    -Search the internet (pass)
  • Task 3 (Festival Presentation) Deadlines

    Have you used 5 slides with matching text & images? (PASS) Have you used the sames theme and slide transistions on all slides? (MERIT) Have you added an animation & speaker notes? (DISTINCTION)
  • Task 4 (Email Evidence) Deadline

    Have you sent & received an email to more than one person (PASS)
    Have you saved and opened an attachement? (PASS)
    Have you replied to and forwarded an email? (PASS) Did you comment about the risks of opening unknown attachements?(PASS) Have you created and used a signature and the address book? (MERIT) Did you set a message priorty to high and use CC in a message (DISTINCTION) Have you explained the risks and how to reduce the risk associated with unknown email and attachments? (DISTINCTION)
  • Task 5 (Database Evidence) Deadlines

    Have you added, edited and delete data in a database. (PASS) Have you created one Query? (PASS) Have you created a query that has been sorted in Ascending order? (MERIT) Have you created a report from one of your queries? (MERIT) Have you created address labels from one of your queries? (DISTINCTION)
  • Task 6 (Safe Working Practices) Deadlines

    Have you explained and suggested one method to protect health, safety, files from loss and protect files (PASS) Have you explained and suggested more than one method for each of the above and also explained how to protect files from modification? (MERIT) Have you explained how you password protect documents in work?(DISTINCTION)
  • Task 7 (Hosue Style Design) Deadline

  • Task 8 (Business Card) Deadline

  • Task 9 (Business Letter) Deadline

  • Task 10 (Newsletter) Deadline

  • Task 11 (Spreadsheet) Deadline

    Have you created a basic spreadsheet with clear heading, a title and at least two different formulas? (PASS) Have you used basic formatting to enhance the spreadsheet (Colours, bols, italics, etc) (PASS) In you evidance did you show two changes to the data and explain what happened and why you made the change? (PASS) Have you added the DATE function or an IF formulas? (MERIT) Have you made sure your spreadsheet fits to one page added a header and a footer? (DISTINCTION)