Unification of Italy

  • Period: to

    Nationalists revolt

    Nationalists revolts spread across the region and Austria sent in troups to obliterate them.
  • Young Italy

    Nationalist leader, Mazzini, founded Young Italy which was a secret society.
  • Revolutionary Republic

    Mmazzini helped to set up a revolutionary Republic in Rome but French forces soon demolished it.
  • Cavour becomes prim minister

    Victor Emanuel II made Cavour his prime minister. Cabour was a monarchist who believed in Realpolitik. He made reforms in Sardinias economy.
  • Crimean war

    Sardinia joins Britain and France in the Crimean war against Russia. here they gained Napoleon III's attention.
  • Secret deal with Napoleon III

    Cavour makes a secret deal with Napoleon III. He promised Sardinia that France would aid them in case of a was with Austria.
  • Red Shirts

    Garibaldi got a force of 1,000 red shirted volunteers. Cavour provided weapons and ships that took the army of volunteers to Sicily. These forces won control of Sicily.
  • Unity at last

    During the Franco-Prussian war France was forced to withdraw its troops from Rome. This event united Italy for the first time sense the fall of the Roman Empire.