U.S History

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  • Shays Rebellion

    Shays Rebellion
    Daniel Shays leads a rebellion against higher taxes.
  • George Waahington

    George Waahington
    George Washington is elected as president
  • Civil War

    Civil War
    The confereracy is formed. The Civil War begins
  • Mexican

    The Mexican Revolution begins
  • WWI

    THe United States enters the war
  • Acadomy Awards

    Acadomy Awards
    The first Acadomy Awards are presented.
  • Adolf Hitler

    Adolf Hitler
    Adolf HItler takes power in Germany
  • Gandhi

    Indria Gandhi becomes prime minister of India.
  • Panda

    CHina give thhe United States two Pandas.
  • Nuclear Power

    Nuclear Power
    A nuclear power accident occurs Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania.