Tyrone Trujillo-Period 1-Libertarian Party

  • Libertarian Party Founded

    The Libertarian Party is founded in the home of David Nolan. The reason this party is created by englightened minds is because disillusioned republicans, Deomocrats and new political newcomers hope to create a new party and another route than the basic Democratic and Republic ideas.
  • First National Convention

    The First National Convention is held in Colorado. A philosophy professor name John Hospers is nominated as the persidential candidate. Also, the Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate Tonie Nathan becomes the first women in the U.S. history to revieve an electoral vote from the people.
  • The Libertarians are becoming Equal!

    Roger MacBride, a preseidential candidate and his running mate David Bergland gain a ballot status in 32 different states and receive over 170,000 votes. In the magazine of Newsweek, it seems that the Libertarian party is gaining its independence and becoming equal in the eyes of the United States.
  • Libertarians in California

    Ed Clark receives five percent of his votes for governor of California. Also the first elected Libertarian state legislator is Dick Randolph of Alaska. In California, Los Angeles, the Presidential nominating convention is held, and on a permanent ballot status, over 80,000 California citizens are registered as Libertarian members.
  • Libertarians Rise Up!

    First time in history, David Bergland and Jim Lewis come in third place on the ballot in 39 different states. While this is happeneing, more and more libertarians are being elected around the world such as the 11 elected in 1984.
  • Libertarians Making a Name

    Many Libertarians take the city council race in Big Water, Utah, winning out all the seats. The representative Ron Paul resigns from the GOP and joins the Libertarian Party. Also, Ron Paul is nominated for the Seattle convention and Andre Marrou for the vice President.
  • Libertarians setting the Record

    In 1994 more than 40 Libertarians are elected or appointed, setting a record for the Libertarians. Also, during President Clinton's takeover of the nation's health care system, the Libertarians have a successful effort to stop it. In November, a numerous amount of 650 Libertarians candidates fun for office, and more than 2.2 million peole vote for the Libertarians running for office.
  • Libertarians Moving up in the Nation

    As the Libertarians membership and voter registrations sky rocket to new levels, the LP moves its national headquarters into the maginificent Watergate Office Buildings, In November of 1995, three Libertarians are elected towards city council.
  • The Libertarians take the U.S.

    The Libertarian Party becomes the first third party in U.S. history to earn the ballot status in all 50 states with two presidential elections in a row. Also, Harry Browne, in a presidential nominating convention in Washington Dc, goes on to win nearly 486,00 votes. During this time seven Libertarians are elected or re-elected.
  • Libertarians making success!

    The Libertarians set out new policies towards political activism with its new internet campaign towards FDIC's proposed "Know Your Customer" bank-spying regulation. After being rushed with 250,000 complaints by the Libertarians, the FDIC withdraws the plan.
  • Making History Again!

    In 2000, Harry Browne is nominated again fro president and Art Olivier for vice president at the convention. The Libertarians receive 1,436 candidates, including the 256 candidates for the U.S House. Also, in the first time in 80 years a third party has contested a contested a majority of Congressional seats at a convention. The Libertarian U.S House candidates receive over 1.7 million votes, while 34 Libertarians were elected.
  • Americans going to Libertarians

    The Libertarian party runs 1,642 candidates for office, which is the largest state of a third party since World War II. More than 3.4 million Americans cast at least one Libertarian vote on Election Day. History is also made when its U.S. House candidates reveive over 1 million voters for the second time, a achievement that only Democrats and Republicans have recieved before in the history of the U.S.
  • The "Off-Year"

    In 2003 during the "off-year: elections, 46 Libertarians are elected to the local office. There is also a clean sweep of the city council races by Mark Ownen and Andy LeCureaux in Hazel Park. As the end of the year comes closer, nearly 600 Libertarians have become officeholders.
  • The Platform

    In Portland at the national convention, the LP votes help its platform, reducing the number of planks from 61 to 15 in oreder to reach out to the new voters in the United States and to help the Libertarians gain their strength.
  • Against the Republicans and Democrates

    In 2010, over 800 candidates run for office in November. Libertarians runing for the United States House receive over 1,073,000 votes. Pamela Brown, also running for the California Lietenant Governor goes against the Democrats and Repunlicans which receive 574,640 votes. A numerous amount of 38 Libertarians are elected or re-elected to public office and by the end of the year, there are 154 Libertarians holding elected office.
  • Libertarians making it easier for their voters

    Stuart Reges the LP National Driector testifies towards Congress, working out the legislation to make it easier for the third party condidates to appear in presidential debates. In the "off-year" elections, fifteen Libertarians win the public office. Mariam Luce, a Libertarian is appointed to the New Hampshire Stae Commission, and Bonnie Flickinger is elected Mayor of Moreno Valley in Califronia, making a name for Libertarians and making Libertarians known even more across the nation.
  • Focusing on Libertarians

    The Libertarians step up their game and offer the American people an Iraq exit strategy. The Libertarians also focus on the plan for their party which is called Zero Dues which allows the Libertarians to be welcomed and elected into office.
  • Libertarians and more Libertarians

    The Libertarians nomiate former congressman Bob Barr for president at the national convention in Denver. Also, in November the presidential ticket gets 523,000 votes and 50 Libertarians are elected or re-elected to public office. A huge step occurs when the Libertarians receive over 1,078,000 votes, breaking the congressional votes threshhold for the fourth time in their history.