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Tyler's History of the Internet Timeline

By tmead
  • Advanced Reasearch projects agency is created

    Found a way that computer can talk to each other in case of a nuclear attack
  • Computers at stanford and UCLA connected for the first time

    The first hosts on what would one day become the internet
  • An arpanet network was established

    Network between Harvard MIT and BBN the user name from the computer name.
  • Email was first devolped

    Devolped by Ray Tomlinsion who also made the decision to use the @ symbol to separate the user name from the computer name.
  • The beginning of TCP/IP

    A proposal was published to link Arpa like networks together into a so-called inter-network which would have no central control and would work around a transmission controll protocol
  • The first personal computer modem is invented

    The modem was invented by Debbus Gates and Dake Heatherington and was introduced and initially sold to computer hobbyists
  • Spam is born

    The first unsolicited commercial email message was sent out to 600 California arpaent users bu Gay Thurek
  • The earliest form of multiplayer games was debuted

    The precursor to world of Warcraft and second life was developed in 1979 and was called MUD. MUDs were entirely text based virtual worlds combining elements of role playing games interpretative fiction and online chat.
  • The first emoticon :-)

    the first emoticon was used while many people credit kevin Mackenzie the the invention of the emotion in 1979 it was Scott fhalman in 1882 who proposed using :-) after a joke rather that the original -) proposed bu mackenzie
  • The First Launch of the Internet

    The ARPANET was expanded in 1981. The NSF funded the CSNET helped this to happen
  • The domain name system was created

    The first domain name serer was created. The domain name system was important in that it made addressses on the internet more human friendily compare to its numriacal IP address counterparts DNS server allowed internet users to type in an easy to rember domain name and it converted it into the IP address automatiocalhy
  • World wide web protocols finshed

    The code for the world wide web was written by Tim Barners-Lee Based on his proposal from the year before along with the standards for HTML HTTP and URLS
  • First web page was created

    Brought some major innovations to the world of the internet, The first web page was created and much like the first email explained what email was its purpose was to explain what the world wide web was.
  • Amazon is incorprated

    Amazon is the first website where you could buy and sell almost anything you want off the internet. This allowed people to sell things they lost interest in want for cheap prices and get some money while on the other hand people to buy thing they want for cheap prices. source
  • Internet Explore

    The all time biggest search engine and the first to really blow up and shape the internet devolved by Microsoft. source
  • Google founded

    A amazing search engine that could find what you want in secounds by searching the world wide web. It was founded in this year by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. souce
  • Launch Of Wikipidia

    A revoltuanary new webstie with mountins of information to find and reasherch. It is at its heart basiclay a encyclopedia on the web. source
  • Myspace Founded

    This is the mother of all social media and basically what got the whole social media world booming. The employees of eUniverse an internet marketing company. They saw potential in Friendsters concept. source
  • Skype is launched

    Skype is a way for us to not only talk to eachother over the phone but, let us talk to eachother through streaming off eachother phones and computers but also see eachother on the screen. source
  • Facebook (The Facebook) Is launched

    This social media website took off and carried the social media world on once myspcae droped off. Facebook was first called The Facebook in till bought for $200,000 and was changed to the more common name Facebook source
  • Twitter launched

    This date was the launch of twitter. A new social media site that blew up and many of us cant live without. The reason why i believe that this social media site should be up here is that is the first social media site to let us connect with famous people and find what is going on in secounds. source
  • Google Buys Youtube

    YouTube is a huge website that streams and publishes videos from anything to funny sketches to how to do almost anything thing you want. On this date it was bought by Google for $1.65 billion. source
  • Google Chrome Launch

    A revolutionary new web browser with many tools around 62% worldwide usage. It was devolped by google, a freeware web browser. source