By casolyn
  • born

    i was born
  • bother 0

    bother 0
    bother reverse turk into garuage tryed to drive it becuase he wanted ballon at walmart crushes 8900$ dollars of stuff
  • meet sister

    meet sister
    meet half sister dads duaghter live there for 4 mounths whell dad was in prison agian
  • uncles house

    uncles house
    sent to live with uncle tell parents got out of jail fought
  • rolling pin

    rolling pin
    grabama smash rolling pin over dads head bearks in half dad in jail for 3 mounths
  • bother

    bother lit car on fire
  • grabama

    my gradama died
  • bother 2

    bother 2
    bother tries to go and live with moutian lions
  • move

    i moved to osky
  • begian school here

    begian school here
    started 5th grade here in osky
  • bother 3

    bother 3
    go into a small room to clam down botherbecuase he started to destroy school property
  • cheat?

    dad accesed of cheating on my mom
  • bother 4

    bother 4
    bother rob a house he got into a lot of trouble with the cops
  • bother 5

    bother 5
    bother stole from church
  • parents 2

    parents 2
    parent get divorsed
  • today

    star time line
  • Finish high school

    Finish high school
    i finish high school at osky
  • college

    begian college
  • japanes

    i start learing japanes
  • Finish college

    Finish college
    i finish college