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    Transportation from 1800-1820
  • First Road Locomotive

    Richard Trevithick ran a full-sized steam 'road locomotive on the road in Camborne, England
  • London steam carriage

    Richard Trevithick built his 10-seater London Steam Carriage
  • Proto-type steam-powered railway locomotive

    Richard Trevithick built a prototype steam-powered railway locomotive.
  • steam powered amphibious vehichle

    1804 – Oliver Evans (claimed to have) demonstrated a steam-powered amphibious vehicle.
  • Robert fultons north river steam boat

    1807 – Robert Fulton's North River Steamboat, the world's first commercially successful steamboat, makes her maiden voyage.
  • Hydrogen gas powered internal combustion engine

    1807 – Isaac de Rivas made a hydrogen gas powered internal combustion engine and mounted it on a vehicle.
  • First practical steam powered train

    1814 – George Stephenson built the first practical steam-powered railway locomotive
  • First bycicle

    1816 – The most likely originator of the bicycle is the German, Baron Karl von Drais, who rode his 1816 machine while collecting taxes from his tenants.