Dsc 0007

Tracking my development m8

  • The Killers - Shot By Shot Remake

    Creative decision made....Well as this was the first time doing media ever, it’s safe to admit everyone’s ideas and everything were all pretty basic therefore the shot by shot remake was also pretty basic. But one of the creative decisions we made was the editing as we had to edit it like the original so we copied the editing techniques as there were jump cuts and over the shoulder shots. It was a time o
  • Arlington Road Title Sequence

    On thi sparticular task ,I had to add titles and credits to the suquence.

    - Image and wideframing in to the right positing
    - Choosing text font that goes with the genre/target audience
    - Sort out timing of text
    Creative decision made
    We added credits to the clip so we had to choose colours and font size/text that would suit the target audience. Only editing practices were used here as we didn’t actually film the arlingotn road clips. However my skills had developed a bit as I had experien
  • Arlington Road with Sound

    Experimenting with foley sounds
    Non diagetic and diegtic
  • Match Cut Prelim

  • Final Match Cut Prelim

    Final Match Cut Prelim
  • This is code red thriller

    Final video
    Match cutf
    - Fast and slow motion
    - Video transitions to make it flow
    - Superimposed text
    - Non diegetic sounds
    - Colour picker
  • Lip Sync Tutorial

    Lip Sync Tutorial
    Saturday Night
    3 skills
    - To edit in time to the beat
    -Experiment with camera angles
    -Sync lyrics to the video
  • Music video

    Creative decisions made for music video.
    Well as it was our final piece I can say that our skills with the equipment and editing have developed a massive amount. With camera angles we had to do close ups and as we were filming basetracks. We had to film the same base track in different angles in order to make the video more exciting and give it more of a climax
  • Ancillary work