TParker-FEMA Timeline

  • FEMA Created

    FEMA Created
    As Part of Jimmy Carter's Reorganization Plan No.3, FEMA became a standalone organization. As a part fo the reorginaztion, FEMA became responsible for the following programs: The Community Preparedness Program, Emergency Preparedness Programs, Federal Disaster Assistance, and Civil Defense. FEMA also obsorebed the following agencies:the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration, and the Federal Insurance Administration.
  • Period: to

    The 80's

    No major Disaters. FEMA becomes an agencie for political appointees
  • Hurricane Andrew

    Hurricane Andrew
    Hurricane Andrew, the first Category 5 hurrican in 23, makes landfall in Homestead Florida. Unfortunately for FEMA they did not respond quickly enough leading to much criticism.
  • Witt Named head of FEMA

    Witt Named head of FEMA
    President Clinon Appoints James Lee Witt as the Director of FEMA. He is the first direcot in the Agency's history to have expereince in Emergency management.
  • FEMA Gets Promoted

    FEMA Gets Promoted
    FEMA is made a member of the Pesidential Cabinet by President Clinton
  • Period: to

    FEMA in the Cabinet

    FEMA was a Cabinet level Department durrin the Clinton Administration. This was no longer upheld after the election of George W. Bush.
  • Joe Allbaugh

    Joe Allbaugh
    Joe Allbaugh is named new director of FEMA following the resignation of Witt. Allbaugh is not made a member of the cabinet, markeing an end to it's position there.
  • FEMA Moves to DHS

    FEMA Moves to DHS
    FEMA is absorbed into the Department of Homeland Security and becomes part of the Emergency Preparedness and Response Directorate.
  • Michael D. Brown takes Over

    Michael D. Brown takes Over
    Following the resignation of Allbaugh, Micheal D. Brown takes over under the title of Undersecretary of Emergency Preparedness and Response.
  • NIMS

    FEMA announces NIMS, National Incident Management System. This system helps individual agencies become interoperable anywhere in the nation, by standardizing the system used to manage incidents nationwide.
  • Southern Flroida Hurricanes

    Southern Flroida Hurricanes
    FEMA awarded large sums of money whithout verifying the actual damages. Durring this spree of hurricanes, FEMA paid for the funerals of 203 people, who were not killed by the hurricane.
  • Hurricane Katrina

    Hurricane Katrina
    FEMA has been blasted for thier performance durring this event. The delay in response, coupled with the incomplete planning from "Hurricane Pam" left much to be desired in FEMA's Performance
  • Paulison Takes Over

    Paulison Takes Over
    Robert David Paulison was appointed to take the reins of FEMA from Michael D. Brown.
  • Buffalo Snow Storm

    Buffalo Snow Storm
    FEMA was criticized for its delay in response to the Snowstorm that crippled the Town of Buffalo New York in October of 2006. They were lambasted for responding 3 days late.
  • Torandoes in Dumas, Arkansas

    Torandoes in Dumas, Arkansas
    FEMA was once again attacked for its response involving the Tornadoes that destroyed Dumas, Arkansas. Their fault was not sending enough trialers to house the displaced victims. They also were attacked for the prolonged clean-up.
  • October 2007 California wildfires

    October 2007 California wildfires
    FEMA made a huge mistake during The 2007 California Wildfires when they decided to stage a fake press conference. This faux pa was a major blow to the credibility of the organization.
  • Ward Takes the Reins

    Ward Takes the Reins
    Nancy L. Ward becomes acting Administrator following the retirement of R.David Paulison.
  • Fugate takes Over

    Fugate takes Over
    Craig Fugate takes over as administrator of FEMA after being appointed by President Obama.