Toussaint Louverture

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    Toussaint Louverture's Life

  • Toussaint is Freed

    Once Toussaint had been freed, he continued to work on the plantation that he was born on. Once he had enough money, he started renting his own plantation and owned several slaves.
  • Toussaint Louverture wins against the Spanish

    Toussaint and his army won several battles against the Spanish, who signed a peace treaty with France. Geroge Biassou left with them. Louverture and his army retook towns and some land from the British. Once the British kept dying from yellow fever, they too signed a peace treaty with Toussaint and left.
  • Joining Biassou's army

    When war broke out in Saint Dominique, there were several sides fighting for what they wanted for the Island. George Biassau, who led all of the people who were formerally enslaved. When Toussaint joined Biassou, he started off being a doctor, but quickly moved up the ranks.
  • Toussaint switches sides

    In 1794, Toussaint left Biassous army and joined the French Republic. The Spanish, who were supporting Biassou, had not promised a full abolition of slavery which the French Republic had. Biassou continued to fight with the Spanish.
  • Peace with the Spanish and the British

    After losing several battles to Toussaint and his army, the Spanish signed a peace treaty and George Biassou left with them. Soon after, the British signed a teaty as well.
  • A new Leader

    In 1799, Toussaint Louverture becomes the leader of Saint Dominique.He wante to keep producing goods, but this time by paying black workers. The French Government was worried Toussaint would try to declare independance from France.
  • A New Constitution

    Toussaint Louverture created a Constitution that made him Governor General, bnned slavery and demanded equal treatment under the law for everyone.
  • Toussaint Invades Santo Dominigo

    Napoleon had ordered Toussaint to not invade the Spanish half of the Island, Santo Dominigo because of the French Treaty with Spain. However, Toussaint still invaded Santo Dominigo and abolished slavery.
  • A War with the French

    The French said they came with peaceful intentions. They wanted to take back Saint Dominique and reintrodce slavery. Afte months of fighting eachother, no side could get an advantage. However, when some from Toussaints side went and supported the French, he lost.
  • Period: to

    Toussaint Becomes a Prisoner

    In 1802, Toussaint was forced to sign a peace treaty. ithin a couple weeks Toussaint was arrested and taken back to France as a prisoner. The next year, he died in prison.