To kill a mockingbird

Timeline created by AJMOON
  • Scout starts school

    Scout starts school and doesnt like it because the teacher wont let her read or write.
  • Jem and Scout find a knothole in a tree

    In the knothole they find gum, soap figures of themselves, and a penny.
  • Dill comes to them

    Jem and Scout have a friend to assist them in mischeif.
  • Atticus finds out about the kids terrorizing boo

    Atticus finds out that Boo has been terrorized by Dill and Scout
  • Atticus shoots a rabid dog

    The kids finally see Atticus as something other than a boring old man.
  • Jem reads to Mrs. Dubose

    As punishment for tearing the leaves off of her flowers, Jem has to read to Mrs. Dubose
  • Tom Robinson

    The Tom Robinson case is started
  • Aunt Alexandra arrives

    Aunt Alexandra comes to Maycomb to visit everyone.
  • Dill arrives

    Dill sneak's back to Maycomb to the Finches house
  • Tom Robinson dies

    Tom Robinson gets shot while attempting to escape from prision
  • Mrs. Dubose dies

    Mrs. Dubose dies in her home partly because of her morphine addiction
  • Christmas

    Uncle Jack comes to visit the finches for Christmas
  • Bob Ewell dies

    Bob Ewell is killed by Boo Radley
  • Jem breaks his arm

    Bob Ewell jumps the kids while they are on their way back from the play, and breaks jems arm at the elbow
  • Scout see's Boo Radley for the first time

    After saving Scout and Jem, Scout escorts Boo back to his house where she sees him for the last time