To Kill a Mockingbird

  • Scout's first day of school (by Emma Jurewicz)

    Scout trys to tell her teacher about Walter Cunningham without trying to be rude.
  • Finds gum in a knothole in front of the Radly place

    Scout finds gum inside a thing of Wrigley's double mint gum.
  • Try to get a note to Mr. Radley

    Dill, Scout, and Jem try and get a not to Mr. Radley with a fishing pole trying to tell him that he should come outside.
  • Jem got his pants stuck on the fence when he was crawling under it

    They heard a gun shot and ran while Jem was crawling under he got his pants stuck on the fence and they got ripped. When they came back his pants were sewn and folded.
  • Someone filled the knothole

    Scout and Jem come to the knothole and notice that it is filled with cement
  • Miss Maudie's house caught fire

    Miss Maudie's house caught on fire and she lost everything.
  • Atticus shoots a rabid dog.

    The kids finally see Atticus as something other than a boring old man.
  • Dill can't come this summer.

    Dill can't come this summer because of his 'new dad'
  • Aunt Alexandra arrives

    Scout and Dill's aunt arrives and is going to help out in the summer.
  • Dill ran away and came to Maycomb County

    Scout was going to bed and she found something. At first she thought it was a snake, but then she got Jem and they found out that it was just Dill.
  • Scout, Jem, and Dill go out and find Atticus by the jail

    Jem was going out and Scout wanted to tag she did. Scout thought that Dill would want to come to. So then they all ended up going and they find Atticus by the jail.
  • Trials start

    The trials are starting. Everyone thought that Tom Robinson raped Mayelle Ewell.
  • They notice Judge Taylor's strange habbit

    Judge Taylor has a weird habbit. He chews on his cigars.
  • They kids go outside and talk to Mr. Dolphus Ramond

    While the kids go outside because Dill got upset. They notice Mr. Dolphus Ramond. Instead of having alcohol in the brown sack like everybody thought. It was just coca-cola.
  • Atticus is questioning Mr. Ewell

    He wants to know why Mr. Ewell didn't call a doctor when he saw what he saw. He repeats the question many times. Yet Mr. Ewell doesn't really have an answer.
  • Mayella Ewell gets called to the stand

    Mayella comes to the stand and seems really nervous.