timeline with the most important events of my life

Timeline created by Amy_0721920
  • my first word

    my first word
    In August 2008, 8 months after I was born, I said my first word.
  • I started living with my parents

  • my first day in transition

    In 2012, at the end of January, I entered the school "N.S.H." to make a transition there
    -there I met one of my best friends-
  • my first pet

    my first pet
    I had my first pet on August 4, 2014, her name was fiona.
  • I met new people

    I met new people
    I had moved to another house and there are a few days later I met a girl who lived next door and we became best friends and then we met another.
  • my first cat

    my first cat
    I had my first kitten, I don't remember exactly when or what day it was, her name was "Tara", she was a very sweet and affectionate kitten. at first my mother did not want it in the house (she wanted to give it to a grandmother) but later she accepted