Timeline With Attitude Henry Lee

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    Timespan from start of WW1 to the end of Roaring Twenties

  • Battle of Second Ypres (Social)

    Battle of Second Ypres (Social)
    Rating: +1 This was Canada's first major battle of warfare in around a hundred years. The Canadian Division was outnumbered and had to fight against the Germans' chlorine gas attack, but still managed to hold Germany back from winning over the territory. Around 6,000 Canadians in this battle were killed, wounded, or captured, but this was the very first defining victory in Canadian War History, which is what makes this event so prominent and impactful for Canada.
  • Billy Bishop and his contribution to the Canadian Air Force (Social)

    Billy Bishop and his contribution to the Canadian Air Force (Social)
    Rating: +2 During WW1, Billy Bishop was a very skilled Canadian flying ace (consisting of 72 victories) that not only inspired Canadians by taking down multiple enemy aircraft at once with his amazing skill but also helped shape the Canadian Air Force to a very successful and skilled organization in the following years.
  • Mae Belle Sampson's efforts in the World War as a woman (Social)

    Mae Belle Sampson's efforts in the World War as a woman (Social)
    Rating: +1 Despite Sampson's death during her efforts on WW1, she created a lasting impact on Canadians' view of women across Canada which consisted of more respect and dignity. Sampson had to save wounded soldiers on the battlefield a handful of times and bring them back to Canada on a daily basis, treat 15,000 soldiers in the General Hospital in Britain with only 2,000 beds, and deal with constant discrimination from the men. She executed her occupation in the war very well.
  • Jeremiah Jones and black males' participation in the war (Social)

    Jeremiah Jones and black males' participation in the war (Social)
    Rating: +2 Jeremiah Jones and 19 other Canadian soldiers enlisted to fight at the Battle of Vimy Ridge (which was a victory for the Canadians). Despite being heavily excluded and discriminated as black people, Jones played a huge part in Vimy Ridge by rescuing his army unit from an enemy gun nest, while the 19 other black soldiers were also playing crucial parts in Canada's victory at Vimy Ridge. This event helped Canadians realize that black people should be treated with more recognition.
  • Victory at The Battle of Vimy Ridge (Social)

    Victory at The Battle of Vimy Ridge (Social)
    Rating: +1 The Battle of Vimy Ridge was one of the greatest historical victories in Canadian History, and was also a defining moment for Canada, as the country was able to rise in dominance and feel more capable of greatness. Canadian Troops during this time also earned a reputation as very proficient and skilled troops because of the surprise that they had earned as a secondary army to Great Britain. However, this did not come at a great cost, as 10,000+ soldiers were still killed/wounded.
  • Wartime Elections Act (Political)

    Wartime Elections Act (Political)
    Rating: 0 This Act was a changing of the election rules, in order to prepare for the upcoming election on conscription across Canada. This was a very important Act, as some Canadian women were granted to vote in an election for the first time, but some other Canadians lost their right to vote in sweeping changes to enfranchisement.
  • The Cost of Canada's War Participation in Casualty Numbers (Social)

    The Cost of Canada's War Participation in Casualty Numbers (Social)
    Rating: -2 While Canada had many events of progress during the World War, the casualties during the war were an unfortunate method of the cost that had to go along with it. Around 61,000 Canadians were killed in the World War with approx. another 172,000 wounded. Thousands of soldiers also lost their lives in the small colony of Newfoundland and the British Flying Services. Because of these tragic and brave sacrifices, this is what made World War One very memorable in Canadian History.
  • The Hundred Days (Social)

    The Hundred Days (Social)
    Rating: +2 During the Hundred Days Campaign, Canadians had played a crucial role during the series of battles that had made up the Hundred Days Campaign. With Canada's improvements to its military (like tactical airpower, chemical weapons, and armored vehicles), the Germans were driven back from attempting to gain territory by the Canadians. This event showed that Canada's military was gaining power and that they were capable of earning constant victories on the battlefield.
  • Roaring Twenties - New inventions in Canada (Economical)

    Roaring Twenties - New inventions in Canada (Economical)
    During the Roaring Twenties, many Canadian inventions were created. The Radio was invented, allowing people to tune in to news reports or sports news. Then the radio became even more widely used, as Canadians could start listening to music, entertainment shows, and the weather forecast. Another big invention during the 1920s was the automobile. Not only was the automobile a huge breakthrough for modern use, but also created thousands of job opportunities for road-building and laborers.
  • The Halibut Treaty (Political)

    The Halibut Treaty (Political)
    Rating: +2 The Halibut Treaty was a negotiation between Canada and the United States on fishing rights in the Pacific ocean. A British Official was set to come to Canada to sign the treaty when Prime Minister King later insisted that they would be able to sign the treaty themselves. This was a huge turning point for Canada as they would their first major steps to becoming an independent country from Great Britain.