timeline to federation

By liammce
  • A

    Sir Henry Parkes, the priemier of nsw gives a speech in tenterfield that begins the public debate about the possibiblity of federation
  • Period: to


  • B

    A conference in melbourne agrees that a draft Australian constitution should be written
  • C

    A Conference to draw up the new constitution is held in sydney
  • D

    The final touches to Australias first federal constitution is held in sydney
  • E

    Severe economic recession starts in Australia
  • E cont.

    the severe economic recessiopn ends
  • F

    A conference in the town of Corowaga revives the federation movement with a proposal that people should elect delegates who would decide the best model of government
  • G

    All colonial priemiers meet in hobart and agree that the resouloution from the Corowa conference should proceed
  • H

    the people of NSW, VIC, TAS and SA elect delegates to attend the National Australian Convention
  • I

    Helen Spence campaigns in the elections to become a delegate for SA, in doing so, she becomes the first women in the british empire to run for political office
  • J

    The National Australasian convention meets in Adelaide and decides on the best model for the new Federal government
  • K

    the people of NSW, VIC, TAS and SA vote in the referendum to decide if they agree with the model of government chosen by the National Australasian Convention
  • L

    A second referendum is necessary and it is held in NSW, VIC, TAS, SA and QLD
  • M

    Queen Victoria agrees to the new constitution and WA decides to join the federation
  • N

    federation between all colonies is declared