Timeline Psych229

  • Period: to

    Prenatal Development and Birth

  • My mother finds out she is going to have a baby

    This is also her 17th birthday.
  • My mother tells her parents she is going to have a baby

    My grandparents were not very happy at first considering my mother had just turned 17 and was still in school, but it did not take them long to warm up to the idea of a grandchild.
  • My mother tells my father that he is going to be a daddy.

    He insists that I am going to be a boy.
  • My mother drops out of high school

    My mother finished out her sophmore year of high school and did not go back.
  • My mother and father split up.

  • Here I am and suprize I'm not a boy!

    I was born at 11:14pm at Grace Hospital in Detroit Michigan. My father did not make it to the hospital so my mother named me. My given name at birth was Andrea Renee Fountain. I was full of dark hair, 7lbs 9oz and 19 inches long. There were no complications at birth.
  • Period: to

    The first two years

  • I come home!

    My first day home! I live in Redford Michigan with my mother, grandparents, three of my aunts and one of my uncles. This is also my grandma's 40th birthday!
  • I'm left with a babysitter for the first time.

    My mother went out with some friends and left me with my grandma.
  • I rolled over!

    My grandmother puts me down for a nap on my stomach and comes back to find my on my back.
  • Awe I got the flu!

    Oh my did I have a stomach flu! After recovering from this, I would refuse baby food. Any attempts to get baby foods into my mouth would be followed by gagging and choking. The Dr, recommended making me real vegetables and mashing it a little which seemed to work. Other foods were added later like soups and homemade applesauce.
  • My first tooth comes through

    Grandpa gets my pacifier that I wanted and there is a hole in it... he puts his finger into my mouth to find my first tooth has popped through. "Unidean! I need a new sucky thing for her mouth" is what he yells to grandma! Yes my grandmas name was Unidean.
  • I crawled for the first time.

    My ball had slipped from my hands and rolled down the hallway. I was determined to reach it!
  • My first word

    My grandpa left the room and out of my sight. I whimper a little bit and then say "papa". He comes back to the room, picks me up and I smile. He puts me back down and leaves the room again. Again I get sad and say "papa" and again he returns to pick me up and gain a smile. Grandma thinks its the cutiest thing ever!
  • My first Birthday!

    There was a party at our house with both sides of my family there. Raggidy Anne and Andy were on my birthday cake, but I did not get to eat that. They gave me a cupcake to wear! I think maybe three bites made it into my mouth.
  • Finally I walk on my own!

    My aunt Sandy (age 8) and cousin Shelly (age 7) are playing with a new toy on the floor across the room. I let go of the couch and hobble my way over to see what they are playing with. Of course I am very upset when my grandma stops me just before reaching them. Apparently she does not think I should be playing with little dollhouse pieces.
  • Members of my family are worried about me, so my mother takes me to the doctor.

    I am now 18 months old and hardly speaking (about three or four words). My mother takes me to the doctor to ask if there may be a problem. He tells her that some children start talking a little bit later than others and I would probably catch up.
  • My father comes over to take me for a visit for the first time.

    It is my fathers birthday. He came over unannounced and argued with my mother about taking me. I'm in my mothers arms and frightened because I have only seen my father 2 times before. My grandfather hears the fighting and comes into the room to find my father trying to take me from my mothers arms. Grandpa was not going to have that in his house and litterally through my father out.
  • My mother goes to the hospital

    My mother has a nervous breakdown and goes to the hospital. I have trouble sleeping for the next week or so and sleep with my grandparents.
  • I'm two years old!

    Just a small gathering at our house. I actually got a piece of my birthday cake this year and most of it ended up in my mouth! My grandparents gave me a tape they made of the Happy Days theme song. This was my favorite song and I would stop whatever I was doing (playing/crlying) and dance whenever it was played.
  • Period: to

    The Play Years

  • I have asthma

    It was Thanksgiving and the house was filled with family. I was lying on the couch not feeling well. From the other room and over all the noise, my grandma heard me wheezing. I was taken to the hospital where they diagnosed me with asthma.
  • I have a little sister!

    My Father and his girlfriend gave birth to my sister Jennifer.
  • My uncle noticed I had a hearing problem

    I was sitting in front of the television on the floor and my uncle was behind me on the couch. He said my name and I did not respond. He repeated himself three more times, getting louder each time and I still did not respond. To see if I was just focused on the T.V. or if I had a hearing problem, he took a phone book and slammed it hard on the coffee table behind me. I still did not respond. My mother had me into the Doctor two days later.
  • I am three years old!

    I got my first tricycle and learned quickly how to get around the corner from thie living room into the kitchen. Riding in the kitchen was much more fun because I could go faster on the tile floor!
  • I actually visit my father for the first time.

    My father's new wife wants him to start taking an active role in my life and insists that my sister and I know each other. He and my mother speak about it and deside it is a good idea. He came over to pick me up and I left kicking and screaming. It took many more visits like this before I was comfortable going with him.
  • Making breakfast for my mother.

    My mom still to this day talks about this. I wanted to suprize my mother that morning with breakfast. I had desided I was going to make her pancakes and eggs. She woke up to find me and half the kitchen covered in flour, eggs, and milk. I said to her "look mommy! I watched you cook and I am making you breakfast!" She pretended to eat my uncooked slop.
  • My mother and I move out of my grandparents home.

    Mom and I move in with my uncle Arron and his daughter Shelly to a house on Dacosta street in Detroit. I am excited to be sharing a room with my older cousin.
  • I am hit by a car

    My cousin and I are crossing the street to come back home when a speeding car came down the street. Shelly was able to get out of the way but I was hit on the right side of my head by the cars door handle. The first officer on the scene rushed me to the hospital because there was no time to wait for EMS. I survived, with a concusion and 19 stiches just above my ear. The only perminate injury from this is slight nerve damage on my right side and cronic headaches.
  • My mother is amazed by this!

    My cousin Shelly and I are playing monoply in the living room. My mother walks in and notices that I am adding up the dice in my head and moving my piece correctly. She askes Shelly if I have been doing that the whole time. She said yes. After our game was over, my mother took me to her room and rolled the dice over and over and has me add them for her. More math games soon followed.
  • I am 4 years old!

    I got to have a sleep over with some of my cousins and the next store nieghbors daughter.
  • I ran away from home.

    My mother cannot remember what it was that made me so angry at here that afternoon, but as soon as she was out of sight, I apparently grabbed my coat and shoes and walked out of the house. My mother thought I was playing hide and seek at first until she saw my coat was gone. She went outside to look for me and get help. Fifteen minutes later, our mailman brought me back to her. He had found me walking around three blocks down the street.
  • The shoot-out

    A friend of my mother father from out of town was staying with us for one night. We did not know he had committed a robbery earlier that day. Around 1:30am the S.W.A.T. team came into our house and a shoot-out started. After being shot he made his way up to my bedroom and held my cousin and myself hostage. Later my cousin snuck out and told the police he had not been moving for awhile. Assuming he had died, they came up to get me. Another shoot-out began and he died. I was uninjured.
  • We move again.

    My mother, uncle, cousin and I move to Charleston South Carolina.
  • First time swimming in the ocean

    Shelly and I make sandcastles and swim in the ocean. What seems like a tidlewave knocks me over in the water. Shelly made it seems so funny that I was no longer afaid to go under water.
  • Wow we move again!

    My mother and I move back to Michigan with my grandparents, while my uncle and cousin stay in S.C.. I leave two weeks before my mom when my aunt came to pick me up. She was taking me back to stay with my father until my mother finished packing everything. My father never showed up to get me from my aunts so I stayed with her.
  • I start school!

    I go to school for the first time at Westland Elementary! My first day I am scared and do not want to stay. I cried for about an hour until the teacher helped me make my first friend. After that I was excited to go and enjoyed school.
  • I am 5 years old! One special day with my grandma!

    After my mother had dropped me off at school, my grandmother came up there and picked me up. She took me out to eat, and then to an arcade to play games. She brought me back home to my mother in the early afternoon, making it appear that she had picked me up after school. This day was our secret, and it was not untill years later that I told my mother about our special day.
  • My grandma dies

    My grandma dies of heart failure at the age of 45. This is my first experience with death.
  • I start first grade!

    During the first day of school I met Judy, who soon became my best friend.
  • I am 6 years old!

    Feeling like a big girl now, I wanted to help make my birthday cake. My frosting job was very interesting!
  • Period: to

    The School Years

  • I start 2nd grade

    This year my best friend Judy is not in my class. I was very upset about this and did not want to go back to school "ever again".
  • Speech Therapy

    I began to see the speech therapist at school to work on how to make the sounds for specific letter correctly. I had trouble with my R's L;s T's and S's.
  • My mother gets married!

    My mother gets married to a man named Kimber. I was so excited to be the flower girl in the wedding.
  • Joined the Brownies

    One of my friends mother was the troop leader for the brownies (similar to girls scouts but for younger children). This did not interest me as much as I thought it would and only went to "meetings" for a few months.
  • Meeting with my teacher.

    My mother and stepfather go to a meeting with my teacher. She is concerned that my reading levels are not ready to handle third grade work. She recommends that I repeat the second grade. My mother disagreed.
  • Joined a cheerleading program

    I enjoyed this in the beginning, but after being teased my the other girls I lost the enjoyment. I finished out the session but never returned to cheerleading.
  • I start third grade

    Yay! Judy is back in my class again!
  • End of the school year assembly.

    At the end of the year, each grade got to perform for the school something that they had been preparing all year. Our grade did square dancing. I was not thrilled about having to hold hands and wrap arms with a boy.
  • My Dad gets married

    My dad gets married for the 2nd time. My sister and I are flowergirls.
  • My first 10 speed bike

    I was still having some trouble in school with reading, so there were some C's on my report card earlier in the year. My stepfather told me that if I brought my grades up to all A;s and B's by the end of the year, that he would buy me a new bike. He did not expect me to do it, let alone get all A;s and one B. Now of course he had to hold up his end of the bargain.
  • I have a baby brother!

    My little brother Curtis was born! I was so upset that it wasnt a sister, but got over it as soon as he got home.
  • I start 4th grade!

    I have the same teacher that I had in 3rd grade and Judy is still in my class!
  • Started playing the flute

    The band teacher came to our class and showed us instruments. We were told if we were interested in learning to play any of them to ask our parents if we could sign up for band. I got permission and my mother bought me a flute. We had finally found something I did not lose interest in.
  • I start 5th grade

    Judy is still in my class and I start making a few more good friends.
  • I have another baby brother!

    My brother Kyle was born. Since we thought he was going to be a girl (according to what could be seen on the ultrasound) he came home in a pink sleeper.
  • I start 6th grade.

    Judy is not in my class this year and I start to get picked on. This was a hard year for me in school because of that. I would be upset by the things being said to me and was unable to focus on schoolwork. My grades started to slip.
  • Period: to


  • Chicken Pox

    I woke up that morning with an itch on my arm. When I went to scratch it I saw a rash... after inspecting myself I saw that it was all over my body. My aunt Sandy who lived with us at the time had just gotten over the chicken pox, and had warmed me that if I did not stop teasing her that she was going to give them to me. Well it seems I teased too much and she was pretty angry. I had a severe case of chicken pox, with the rash both external and internal. I should not have teased her!
  • Strep Throat

    Came down with a bad case of strep which took two doses of different medications to cure. I missed 10 days of school.
  • Strep again!

    We are just returning to school after the Christmas break and I get sick again. This time I also have an upper respitory infection. I miss another week of school.
  • My Teacher Mrs. Weed Comes to my house

    Mrs. Weed came to my house to talk to my mother. She told my mother that because I had missed over 4 weeks of school, I had missed to much schoolwork to pass the 6th grade. Because it was medically related, she was able to grade me on only my work completed as long as I did not miss more than three more days for the rest of the year.
  • my 6th grade class goes to Cedar Point.

    For graduating the 6th grade, my teacher planned a trip to Cedar Point for the whole class. This was my first time on a rollercoaster.
  • I start Jr. High

    I began the 7th grade. This is the year I started to wear make-up, and cared about my clothes. I also started to form a bigger circle of friends mostly girls. Sleepovers at friends houses became a regular thing.
  • Getting Bullied

    Even though I have more friends, getting picked on got worse. It got to the point that I was being threatened with bodily harm. I was shoved into lockers, triped in the hallway or getting on the bus, and at one point, I was shoved down the stairs.
  • My mom gets divorced

    My mother and stepfather divorce. It was hard for me to understand why one night he was there and the next morning he was gone. My brothers and I did not see him again for years.
  • Big Daddy dies

    Big Daddy was my great grandfather. The reason we called him Big Daddy was because he was so tall he would have to duck to come through most doorways. He and I used to play checkers when I would visit him at my grandma's.
  • Grandpa dies

    My Grandpa, the one who I stilled lived with passed away. It was unexpected because he was supposed to be released from the hospital two days later. I had lived with him most of my life up untill this point so this was very hard for me.
  • My other grandpa dies

    This grandpa was my fathers father. He died of lung cancer.
  • Moms drug use gets worse

    After the divorce and death of her father, my mothers drug use increased. Things at home start to fall apart.
  • I start High School

    I start high school at Redford Union.
  • Mom gets arrested

    My mother gets arrested with cocaine, enough to be charged with intent to distribute. Arrangements are made for me to move in with my father and stepmother. I finish out that semester of high school at my aunts house then move in with my father.
  • New School

    I start my second semester of my freshman year at Lakeland High School. I begin to form a new group of friends both male and female.
  • My dad gets a divorce

    My father divorces his second wife. I live with him and my sister now.
  • I have a new baby sister

    My mother has a baby girl, my sister! Marielle is her name and I spoil her rotten!
  • I move back in with my mom

    After so long of physical and mental abuse I ran away from my fathers house and eventually moved back in with my mother. She was at this point clean from all drugs and had begun to rebuild her life. She drives me to school so I can finish the year out at Lakeland.
  • Went on my first date

    I went on my first date with a boy named Dane. We went to the rollerskating rink and then to a movie.
  • Prom my Jr Year Dave in his Kilt!

    My current boyfriend at the time wanted to wear his formal kilt to the prom with me. After asking the principle, I was told that "it was not proper American clothing to wear to a prom." I started a petition at school claiming ethnic discrimination, called the newspaper and local news stations, and eventually won the right to take him to prom in his kilt.
  • Start another new school

    I begin my senior year at Farmington High School. Another new group of friends but this is the first place I felt I fit in. There was very little teasing or getting bullied.
  • Got my first job

    I started working at the grocery store near our house.
  • My senior prom

    I went to my prom with a very good friend of mine. Then he and I went camping for the weekend with another couple. This was the first time I had gone on a trip/vacation with friends.
  • I graduate high school!

    I graduate from Farmington High School.
  • I start college

    I begin the fall semester at Schoolcraft College.
  • I start another job

    I start to work as a cashier at a 7-11 near my home. I work double shifts between here and the grocery store 4 days a week and then the other days I work one shift from one of the jobs. Two nights a week I am in my college class.
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • I begin to have failing health

    I go into the Dr because I had been feeling tired and sick for some time. After running a series of test it was found that I have heart and lung issues.
  • I drop out of college

    Due to health reasons I drop out of my college class. I also cut down my work hours.
  • I find out I'm going to have a baby

    A home pregnacy test shows that I'm going to have a baby. I'm scared but it doesn't take long to choose to keep the baby. The fathers name is David and we have only been dating a few months.
  • I quit one of my jobs

    Because of the pregnancy and my health, my Dr's insisted I quit working at the grocery store. They felt it was too much for me to take physically.
  • David and I move in together

    David and I move in with his mother to prepare for the baby.
  • My son is born

    My first child is born. Christopher R.V. Skowronek. Later that evening he is rushed to ICU and remained there for 5 more days before being relased from the hospital. He ended up having an immuture digestive system. After he was able to eat on his own and hold it in, he was released.
  • We move again

    David and I move out of his mothers house with the baby and move into a condo with his twin brother. This gives us a little more space.
  • I quit my job

    There is so much going on that I decide to stay home to raise my son. I quit my job at 7-11.
  • Diagnosed with COPD

    My Dr. diagnosed me with a lung disease called C.O.P.D.
  • I get my drivers licence

    Yes I am much older than most when I get my drivers licence but it really wasn't needed untill about this time.
  • My son Christopher is diagnosed with Autism

    Because we had had so much trouble with Christopher, we had him evaluated through our local school system. Their experts diagnosed Chris with a moderate from of autism.
  • Working again!

    I begin to work at a bingo hall. I quickly move my way up and within two years become chairman.
  • Period: to


  • Car accident

    David was taking me to my 38 week check-up when we were hit by another car that had ran a red light. I spent the next 15 hours having mild contractions, back and neck pain, and a few bumps and bruises. I was released later that night on complete bed rest until the baby was born.
  • David and I have our second son

    Our second son was born. Brendan Marcus-William Skowronek
  • Started Physical Therapy

    I started 9 months of physical therapy for back related injuries from the car accident.
  • I started smoking cigarettes

    Not sure why I started, and there is no good reason.
  • We buy a house

    I will never forget our first day in our new home. It was the day of the major black-out!
  • David and I split up

    David and I mutually decided that we were not right for each other. We are very good friends and for the sake of our children we decide to stay together as roommates. I move my belongings to another bedroom in the house.
  • Started to date again

    I start to date my old high school flame again.
  • My high school flame and I break up

    Well I learned that some things never change... and he is one of them.
  • My son Brendan is diagnosed with autism

    My second son Brendan is diagnosed with a more severe form of autism. I'm given the news that he may never speak, and will more than likely not reach beyond the mental capacity of a five year old.
  • Left my job at the Bingo Hall

    Because of Brendans severe diagnosis, I chose to quit my job at the bingo hall and stay home with him full-time.
  • Started to date Bob

    Bob and I have known each other for a few years now. I enjoy his company and we choose to give it a try. He lives in Chicago and we take turns making the trip every month.
  • The World Series Euchre Tournament

    This is my first year making it to the world series. It was held in Lansing, Michigan. Just missed getting into the semi-finals.
  • My 30th Birthday and AHHHH my first grey hair!

    On my 30th birthday, my oldest son walks up to me and says Happy Birthday Mom, and whats that.... is that a grey hair! Sure enough it was. I looked and my son and said "yup it is the first of many!" Then he said, "wow and are those some wrinkles?" my response was "shut up chris"
  • Went to buy hair dye

    ok so at 30 years old I do not want to be sporting grey hairs yet!
  • Noticed I've put on a few pounds.

    This is the first time in my life that I have reached 140lbs. My doctor is not happy with me. We go over a few things and begin to start me on a better health plan that includes more exercise, better eating habits, and supplements.
  • Time for a work-out!

    With all my medical conditions, I want to take good care of myself. I joined Fitness USA and begin to make weekly visits.
  • World Series Euchre Tournament

    I took 3rd place in the singles tournament.
  • Niagra Falls Euchre Tournament

    This is an annual euchre tournament that is held at Niagra Falls Canada. This is my third year here and I take 3rd place in the partners tournament and 2nd place in the singles tournament.
  • Bought a horse for Chris and Brendan

    I purchased a miniture horse for my sons. We start to spend most weekends at the farm to establish a relationship between our horse (Lil Bit) and my sons.
  • Mid-American Grand Prix Euchre Tournament

    This tournament is held every year by my good friend Richard Knapp at Lake Milton Resorts in Ohio. This year I have my first 1st place win.
  • My sister is arrested again

    My sister Jennifer is arrested for Retail Fraud in the first degree. This is only the first of many charges of the same nature. She had been arrested before but nothing to this extream. The theft was to support her heroine addiction. I go to all of her court dates and visit her in several jails and she bounces from one county to the next facing all of her charges.
  • My Sister is transfered to the Prison

    My sister is sent to Huron Valley Corrections Center for the remainder of her sentence.
  • Bob and I split up

    After a few years of driving back and forth, we deside we are not right for each other. I do not want to leave Michigan and he does not want to leave Chicago. Our relationship has gone as far as it is going to go. We part as good friends.
  • Start dating Bill

    Bill and I have known each other for 5 years now. He lives in Ohio near Lake Milton. I have taken my sons to Lake Milton Resorts several times a year to camp even in the winter. (A good friend of mine owns this campground). Here is where Bill and I met. Over the years of visits, we built a wonderful friendship.
  • My son and I volunteer at the food pantry

    Christopher and I agree to volunteer at the food pantry once a week.
  • Invited to become a member of PTK

  • Started to tutor a friend through math 105

    Scott had already failed this class, so I agreed to help him through it a second time.
  • Started a bowling league

    Started a bowling league with my friend Scott from college, my cousin Jessica, and her soon to be husband eric
  • Became a Par Excellence member of PTK

    I finished my fundraising and volunteer work, to become a full member of PTK
  • Start to volunteer at my niece's school

    My aunt Carol and I volunteer to read with first graders. We also run a program called Moter Moms. This is where we have set up several activites for these first graders to keep their bodies moving. We work with these kids for about three hours twice a week.
  • Last night of our bowling league

    Wooo hoooo we won first place!
  • Scott passed math 105

    After spending weekly sessions with scott, he calls me after his final to tell me he passed the class!
  • Finally quit smoking!

    its been too long with my COPD that I know its time to quit!
  • I go back to work

    I go back to work at Burger School for Autism as an aid in a classroom.
  • Jennifer comes home!

    My sister is released from prison. I pick her up and bring her back to my house where she will stay with me until she can start her new life. It will take some adjusting for both of us, but I'm hopeful she will be able to do the things she needs to do in order to make a better life for herself.
  • Bill moves to Michigan

    Bill is making plans to move to Michigan to be closer to me and the boys. This is the day he plans to move.
  • I get engaged

    Bill askes me to marry him. We decide if we want to sell or rent out my home and the boys and I move in with him.
  • I graduate from Schoolcraft College

    I graduate from Schoolcraft College with my Associates degree and one year certificate.
  • I begin classes at Eastern University

  • Jennifer moves out

    After two years of living with me, she cannot bear it anymore! My sister moves out of my house and begins her new life on her own.
  • Bill and I get married

    Bill and I have an outdoor wedding. It will be a small gathering where my sons will give me away.
  • Chris graduates from high school

    My son Christopher graduates from high school and gets ready to begin college at Michigan State.
  • Chris moves out

    My son after a few years of college, moves out on his own. I will miss my nightly board game partner, but do will not suffer to much of the empty nest syndrome. My other son Brendan will keep me busy!
  • Chris gets married!

    Chris has always told me he wants to get married in the year 2020, and in the summer. Since seven is his lucky number, I have a feeling his wedding will take place on the 7th of the month.
  • Make life plans

    Brendan is about to be 18 years old and I need to get Legal Gardianship of him and Power of Attorney. I also will be making any needed changes in my life insurance or will.
  • I graduate from Eastern

    I will graduate from Eastern University with a masters in special education.
  • My first teaching position

    I will begin to teach autistic children at Burger School for Autism.
  • I am a grandma!

    My son Chris and his wife have twin boys! Why not, there are several sets in twins in the family!
  • I get over my fear of flying

    On my 50th birthday I will board a plane to Italy. This is my first time in an airplane and I have always been afraid to do it. It will be nice to see where some of my family came from.
  • My mom and dad are getting old

    Both of my parents are now in their seventies. I will get together with my siblings to determine what if anything needs to be done. More than likely, if needed my father will go to an assisted living home, and my mother will either stay with me or my brother.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

  • Make Living Will

    I make my living will and decide how much I want them to do when it is my time to go. I will also be making decisions on who I want to take care of Brendan when I no longer can.
  • I will retire

    After about 30 years of teaching at Burger I will retire. I'm sure that even though I will not be teaching anymore, I will be volunteering as much as possible.
  • I begin to work more outside

    I am starting to work more in both my flower and vegetable gardens. These are activities I have enjoyed all my life and now have the time I'ld like to dedicated to it.
  • My death

    I will have everything done possible to keep me alive, but nobody can excape death. Fingers are crossed that I will pass peacefully with my loved ones nearbye.