Timeline Project

  • Birth

    0 years: The day I was born.
  • My first dog

    0 years: This is the day I got my first dog.
  • Learned how to walk

  • DayCare

    At this age I was put into daycare because both of my parents were working full time. So this is a biosocial.
  • First Word

    My first word was dadaat this age . So this would be my cognitive area for this age.
  • Identify Colors

    This is the age I was able to start putting the colors with its name.
  • First dog died

  • FIrst day of preschool

    This year was the year I started preschool. I went to preschool for two years. Cognitive, Biosocial and Psychosocial
  • First day of Second Year of Preschool

    Cognitve, Biosocial, Psychosocial
  • First day of Kindergarden

    Cognivte, Biosocial, Psychosocial
  • First day of Second Grade

    It was a new school for me. Social, Cognitive
  • Got a puppy for my birthday

    Cognivte and Psychosocial
  • Day I became the oldest child of 3 kids.

  • First day of Middle School

    Cognivte, Biosocial, Psychosocial
  • I joined the swim team at my middle school

  • Went to States for swimming

    Cognivte, Psychosocial
  • First day of high school

    Cognivte, Biosocial, Psychosocial
  • Joined Drama Club

    Biosocial, Psychosocial
  • Injuried my shoulder from swim meet

  • Parents got seprated

    Cognivte, Psychosocial
  • Parents were divorced

    Cognivte, Psychosocial
  • Graduated High School

    Biosocial, Pyschosocial
  • Started first year at schoolcraft college

    Cognivte, Biosocial, Psychosocial
  • Transfer to Western MIchigan University

    Cognitve, Biosocial, Pyschosocial
  • Came home for the summer and taking classes at schoolcraft

    Cognivte, Psychosocial, Biosocial
  • Moving back to Western Michigan

  • Year I plan to graduate

  • I hope to be married by this year

    Biosocial, Psychosocial
  • Hope to have my first child by this year

  • Hopefully be the year I retire

  • Death

    This is the year I got with the practice #13
  • The year I would like to die.

    I would like to be 101 years old when I die.