Timeline Project

By paizley
  • Treaty of Pairs 1763

    Treaty of Pairs 1763
    Spain and France gave up there land to the British.France gave up Canada and all of its calms , wich was the east of the Mississippi River . the French threat was gone and Frace had know land left in north Ammerica .
  • The Rubi Report

    The Rubi Report
    Marques de Rubi began an inspection tour of the regions presidios. He traveld through Texas and brgan to concerned abuot the conditions there, almost ever presidios needed repairs. He went to La Bania and San Antionio and they good conditions
  • United State gain Independdence

    United State gain Independdence
    American Patriots in thirteen coloies began fighting for independence from Great Britain .
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    France forced Spain to return to Lousiana and than they sold it to the U.S in 1803 wich doubled the size of the young nation.