Timeline of your life: using the simple past, write a timeline of your life!

  • Francine was born

    I was born in Marechal Cândido Rondon in 1993!
  • School

    I started school in 1995!
  • Started an English course

    I started an English course in 2000!
  • Moved to another city

    I moved to a different city in 2006!
    I moved to Sinop - MT with my family.
  • Finished High School

    I finished High School in 2009!
  • Finished my English course

    I finished my English course in 2009!
  • Started College

    I went to College to study Law in 2011!
  • Moved to another city

    I moved to Cuiabá in 2011 to go to College!
  • Traveled with Friends!

    I went on a trip to Bahia with my Friends in 2013!
  • Adopted a dog

    I adopted a puppy in 2014!
  • Graduated College

    I finished Law School in 2016!
  • Moved to another city

    I moved back to Marechal Cândido Rondon in 2016!
  • Adopted another dog

    I adopted a dog in 2016!
  • Adopted a cat

    I adopted a kitty in 2018!
  • Started College

    I started Letras Course in 2020!
  • Started my German course

    I started my German course in 2020!