Timeline of the creation of the internet

  • "As we may think"

    The book "As we may think" is a book that is published by Vannevar Bush
  • Packet switching

    Packet switching is invented by Paul Baran
  • Timesharing network

    Fernando Corbato invented timesharing
  • Hypertext

    Ted Nelson invents hypertext.
  • First message

    The first message was sent between 2 computers, the message was "LO"

    The ARPANET was created
  • Sweden joins

    The first connection has been made across the atlantic ocean from the US to Sweden.
  • TCP/IP

    Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol are invented.
  • First PC

    The first Personal Computer was made.
  • Top level domains

    Top level domains are invented (.com/.org/.fr/.gov)
  • Internet

    The internet is officially created
  • Wold Wide Web

    The World Wide Web (www) is invented by Tim Berners Lee
  • HTTP

    Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http) is created by Tim Berners Lee.
  • First website

    The first website was created.
  • Web 2.0

    The Web 2.0 is invented by Tim O'neilly.
  • Web 3.0

    Tim Berners Lee created the web 3.0 (artificial intelligence (AI))