TImeline of my Life's biggest events

  • I was Born

    I dont remember this, but i do know that it was a very important day in my life.
  • I got my first Dog

    I got my first Dog
    I remeber when i went to pick him out. He has helped me trough the years when if felt like nobody else cared. Also Blackey is very hyper.
  • Cruising!

    We all went on a cruise to some two islands, i dont know what the names were one place was Jamaca i do know that one. It was so HOT there and it wasnt but Febuary.
  • I have a bad allergie

    I have a bad allergie
    So something was causing my allergies to flare up and do crazythings so i went to the dr and he told me that i am allergict to chocolate, but i dont care i still eat it anyways just not as much.
  • Im a photographer

    Im a photographer
    I bought my first good camera. I didnt know this when i got it but im actually really good at taking pictures. This gave me some confidence and i needed that at that time.
  • Me & Destiny

    Me & Destiny
    So we decided that we were going to spray paint under the bridge down the road. This was a really fun thing that we did together and of course it was a warm summer night.
  • Finally

    I got my first car! This was such a fun day for me, words cannot describe it!
  • Rainbow

    This is something kind small but this proved my point when i said that there is no pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. I took th wide lense on my camera and got a whole rainbow in a picture at the beach.
  • I found a well in the woods near my house

    I found a well in the woods near my house
    So me and my friend were just walking around and there was alot of old cement blocks stacked up around this pipe like thing. Of course we cleared it off and uncovered the top and it was a well with clear water in the bottom of it.
  • The Future

    I get to move to my house, im kinda sad about leaving home but my house isnt far at all.