timeline of my ilife

Timeline created by shieljus
  • Birth date

    THis when i was born and 12 s my favorite number
  • Period: to

    my life

  • Bad tradigie

    9/11 happens and everyone is in shock
  • Moved

    Moved from clifton heights to springfield
  • First time in School

    THis is the first time i kinda had a resposiblity
  • Trip

    MY family went on a crusie to Bumuta
  • Dog died

    My dog i had For 13 years died
  • Champs

    won the championship for the first time in football
  • bought a shore house

    Bought a shore house in se isle city NJ
  • other dog die

    my other dog died at 13 years to
  • saw fran ugily sneakers

    nasty things ever