Map of lebanon

Timeline of Lebanon

  • France takes control of Lebanon

    France takes control of Lebanon
    After WW1 the League of Nations granted France the right to form the State of Greater Lebanon.
  • Lebanon proclaims it's independance.

    Lebanon proclaimed it's independance from France on November 26, 1941.
  • Indepedance Day

    Indepedance Day
    Lebanon becomes truly independant on the first of January 1944. This becomes their independance day!
  • Palestine Immigrants

    Israel was declared a state in 1948, and the Palestinian refugees began moving into Lebanon.
  • Civil War

    Civil war between the Christians, Muslims, and the Palastinians broke out in Lebanon. The Syrian troops ended this war a year later.
  • Period: to

    Israel Invades

    Israel invades Lebanon during this timespan.
  • 700 Miles of South Lebanon declared Independant.

    700 Sqaure miles of south Lebanon was to be Indepedant.
  • Christiand and Muslims Establish Governments.

    Christians and the Muslims established their own governments in 1988 after war in the early 1980s.
  • End of Civil War

    The civil war in Lebanon is declared over. WithSyria's help, the Lebanese establish control over the country.
  • Withdrawl of ALL foreign troops

    Withdrawl of ALL foreign troops
    The United Nations security council called for withdrawl of all foreign troops in Lebanon in September, 2004.
  • War

    In 2006 Lebanon went to war with Israel.