Timeline of Indonesia

By blockb
  • The Formation of the Dutch East India Company

    The Formation of the Dutch East India Company
    The Dutch East India Company was formed in Indonesia for trading goods. However, slowly the Dutch used violence to begin to build an empire in the country.
  • The Portuguese Decolonization

    The Portuguese Decolonization
    The Portuguese could no longer successfully control the trading posts it held in a large network of colonies. Therefore, after losing to the Dutch in a surprise attack, they got kicked out of Indonesia.
  • The Javanese War

    The Javanese War
    Javanese War of Succession happened when the native people refused to join and help the Dutch. The Dutch forces massacred ten thousand ethnic people that fought for their beliefs. Despite the thirst for victory, the Dutch also wanted everything in the colonies to run smoothly without any distractions.
  • The Formation of the Dutch East Indies

    The Formation of the Dutch East Indies
    The Dutch colonists brought together all of Indonesia under the control of a single government called the Dutch East Indies after the Dutch East India Company went bankrupt. The Dutch East Indies were formed by nationalizing all of the colonies in the Dutch East India Company.
  • The Royal Dutch East Indies Army

    The Royal Dutch East Indies Army
    The Royal Dutch East Indies Army was created to expand colonial rule and also to protect the Dutch's territories from enemies. At the same time, it was established to suppress the indigenous groups of India from rioting.
  • Nationalist Party

    Nationalist Party
    The first important movement for the anti-Dutch nationalism in Indonesia was the Islamic Union. It led the way for many nationalist movements like the Indonesian nationalist party.
  • Indonesian Nationalist Party

    Indonesian Nationalist Party
    Sukarno wanted Indonesian independence and he founded the Indonesian nationalist party. This was a big part in overcoming Dutch rule.
  • Youth Conference Pledge

    Youth Conference Pledge
    A youth conference pledges to work for "one nation, one language, one people" for Indonesia. Like many nationalist movements this was to get rid of the dutch but it was also for equal rights.
  • The Japanese Arrival

    The Japanese Arrival
    The Japanese landed on Indonesia during WWII. This even brought Indonesia closer to their independence
  • Indonesia's Independence

    Indonesia's Independence
    Indonesia gains independence from the Dutch after four years of fighting. The Japanese was there to encourage the Indonesian independence.
  • G30S Organization

    G30S Organization
    The Thirtieth of September Movement otherwise known as G30S was a self-claimed organization of the Indonesian National Armed Forces who assassinated six Indonesian army general in an deposition of a government. The coup attempt had failed in Jakarta. Hundreds of thousands who were suspected as communist were killed.
  • East Timor Invasion

    East Timor Invasion
    Indonesia invades East Timor under the pretext of anti-colonialism. For the first few years, the Indonesian military faces rebellious resistance in the island. After 2-3 years, the military manages to acquire advanced weapons from countries such as US and Australia to destroy Fretilin’s (Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor) framework incorporating East Timor as a province.
  • Introduction of Human Rights Court

    Introduction of Human Rights Court
    Indonesia begins to introduce human rights court. It was assumed to test the government’s willingness to hold the military responsible for obscenity in East Timor after the vote for Independence in 1999
  • East Timor Independence

    East Timor Independence
    Indonesia lost power of East Timor when an immense majority of East Timor voted for independence from Indonesia. The Indonesian military killed approximately 1400 Timorese as punishment and forced 300,00 people to West Timor as refugees. The violence ended when the Force for East Timor was deployed and East Timor became independent.
  • The Indonesian Army's Lost of Power

    The Indonesian Army's Lost of Power
    Indonesian army lost their political role in the country. The army became less powerful because the political government focused more on other things at that time.
  • Indonesia's Presidential Elections

    Indonesia's Presidential Elections
    Indonesia holds its first direct presidential elections in two rounds on July 5th and September 20th. The People’s Consultative Assembly elected the President and Vice President. The pair was elected after receiving at least 20 percent of the vote from the provinces of Indonesia and 50 percent internationally.
  • Terrorist Bombings

    Terrorist Bombings
    Terrorists bombed hotels and nights clubs in Bali and Jakarta in 2004. The bombing of several nightclubs in Bali in October 12, 2002 killed 202 people. The Australian embassy was also bombed on September 19 2004.