Timeline of Hitler

By Qua267
  • Period: to

    Adolf Hitler

  • Birth

    Born in Braunau am Inn, Austria
  • Father dies

    Adolf Hitler's father, Alois, dies
  • Mother dies

    Adolf Hitler's mother, Klara, dies
  • Homeless

    Hitler was homeless
  • WWI

    Serves in World War I as a runner for the 16th Bavarian Reserve Regiment .
  • won

    War ends with German defeated .
  • workers party

    Hitler joins German workers party .
  • Workers Party

    Adolf Hitler joins German Workers' Party .
  • Nazi

    Nazi party is formed .
  • leader

    Hitler named leader of Nazi party .
  • Putsch

    The beer hall putsch .
  • President

    Hitler runs for president .
  • Germany

    Became dictator of Germany .
  • war

    declears war aganist united state .