History - Rise of Hitler

  • Hitler in the War

  • Period: to

    Hitler Span

  • League of Nations/Treaty of Versailles

    League of Nations/Treaty of Versailles
  • National Socialist German Workers Party

  • Hitler in Charge

    Hitler in Charge
  • Beer Hall Putsch

  • Hitler's Book is Published: Mein Kampf Cont...

    Hitler's Book is Published: Mein Kampf Cont...
    His 3 Philosophy:
    1. You have to have a strong nation - There is a superier coutry (which is germany), superior people (aryans), national myth, and a strong military (a sign of being a superior nation)
    2. You must have a strong leader - without a single person who brings everyone together the country will go adrift and fall apart; democracy weakens the nation by allowing a weak person to be in power
    3. Jewish people are naturally inferior - don't have their own country, no leader, no army
  • Hitler's Book is Published: Mein Kampf

    Hitler's Book is Published: Mein Kampf
  • Germany is added into the League of Nations

  • Stock Market Crash

    Stock Market Crash
  • Hitler Become Chancellor

    Presdient Hindenburg appoints Hilter Chancellor of Germany
  • The Reichstag is burnt down

  • Hilter passes the Enabling Act

    This allows Hitler to establish himself as Dictator
  • Jewish Discrimation Starts

    Jewish Discrimation Starts
    The Nazis boycott Jewish owned stores
    They would post guards outside the stores in order to show the cizitens who was boss
  • Only 1 Party

    The Nazi Party is proclamed the only party allowed to run in Germany
  • Resignation

    Germany Resigns from the League of Nations and the Treaty of Versialles
  • Creation of the S.S

  • Night of Long Knives or Operation Humingbird

    The S.S and the Gestopo either killed or arrested anyone in politics that didn't agree with what he was doing or even at one point wasn't sure about what he was doing.
  • President Hindenburg Dies

    President Hindenburg Dies
    He was the last person who could make a change anything, and within days of Hindenburg dying Hitler named himself the Furher
  • Germany Violates the League of Nations

    Hilter introduces Miltary Conscription which is a direct violation of the Treaty of Versialles and the Hilter Youth was started
  • Italy and Hilter agreement

    They made a pact - the Rome-Berlin Axis - that Mussolini can extend south and Hilter can go North and East They could divide and conquer
  • Hitler sends men to march into the Rhineland

  • Comitern Pact

    A pact between Hitler and Japan that they won't interfere with each other's goals of conquering
    Japan wants Pacific Rim, any countries the touch the pacific
    Hitler wants Europe
  • Hitler invading Austria-Hungary

  • Hitler Invades Czecholovakia

  • Non-agression Treaty

    -Stolin and Hilter sign a Non-Agression Treaty that they won't attack each other
    -they decide to split Poland in Half
  • He attacks Poland

  • War Declared