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Adolf Hitler: From Cute Little Baby to Crazy Leader to Dead

  • Baby Hitler is Born

    Baby Hitler is Born
    At 6:30 PM in the small Austrian village of Braunau Am Inn the craziest and most evil man to ever walk the Earth was born.
  • Daddy Dies

    Daddy Dies
    Alois Hitler at the age of 65 went out for a walk. He stopped by his favorite Inn and ordered a glass of wine. Before the wine came he collapsed and died of a lung hemorrhage. When Hitler first saw his dad's body he broke down. When his father died he left the family a nice sum of money, his death benefits for being a civil servant and a house. For Hitler his father's death was the end of a long fight. His dad wanted Hitler to be a civil servant, but Hitler wanted to be an artist.
  • Hitler Fails an Art Exam

    Hitler Fails an Art Exam
    After his father died Hitler became a cre free teenager. He dropped out at 16 and would stroll around Austria. He would visit museums draw go to the library. He only had one friend. Hitler was unable to take people looking down upon him. He could only accept praise. He was also obsessed with a girl and claimed they could talk telepathically. In October of 1907 at 18 Hitler tried to get into the Vienna Academy of Fine Art. He failed the entrance exam telling him he had no talent.
  • Mom Dies

    Mom Dies
    On January 14, 1907 Klara Hitler went to the family doctor concerning chest pains. Edward Bloch a Jewish doctor gave the diagnosis of breat cancer. Hitler cried when hearing the news. Klara had her breat removed, but it was to late. She died by her Christmas tree on December 21st, 1907.
  • World War I Begins

    World War I Begins
    Hitler like many other men across Europe eagerly joined in the war. Hitler was a good soldier. He never complained and was quite lucky. He earned the Iron Cross 1st Class. He was wounded in the leg later on in the war and eventually went back to battle. During the war he developed a hatred for Jews.
  • World War I Ends

    World War I Ends
    When World War I ended Germany was left in a state of disarray. Germany would have a hard time recovering economically. After the war Hitler became a spy for a short period of time. He would then have these anti-Semitic outbursts which attracted the attention of his superiors. He was then assigned to lecture returning POW's on the dangers of Communism and pacifism, as well as democracy and disobedience. Hitler found he was good at talking to crowds.
  • Hitler Joins the German Workers' Party

    Hitler Joins the German Workers' Party
    In September of 1919 Hitler was assigned to check out a political party. It was the German Workers' Party. After Hitler heard a speech against Germany from them he stood up and gave a fifteen minite on the spot speech about how they were wrong. The party thought they could use him and urged him to join. Hitleer gave it some thought and found that they had similar views. He joined the party after a couple days of thinking. This got Hitler into politics.
  • The Nazi Party is Born

    The Nazi Party is Born
    This date is the first time that Hitler was a main speaker. This meeting of the German Workers' Party attracted just over a hundred people. Through 1920 Hitler became the main attraction. He was slowly given leadership of the party. He was attracting more and more to his speeches. Eventually he named the party to the National Socialist German Workers' Party or Nazi for short. By teh end of 1920 the party had 3,000 members.
  • Adolf Hitler Named the Führer of the Nazi Party

     Adolf Hitler Named the Führer of the Nazi Party
    Hitler was growing bigger and bigger. The people running the Nazi party feared he was getting to big and was become dictorial. They tried to lower Hitler's power, but to counter this Hitler said he was leaving the party. They realized if he left the party would cease to exist. He said he would come back if he was titled chairman of the party. At the next gathering on July 29, 1921, he was named Führer of the Nazi Party.
  • The First Nazi Revolution

    The First Nazi Revolution
    On November 8th, 1923, Hitler lead a team of storm troopers into The Beer Hall Putsch. This is where several of Germany's top political powers were going to be and the Nazi party wanted to start a revolution. Prior to this meeting German currency was becoming worthless. It cost billions for simple groceries. The Nazi party saw this as a time to act. They initally failed their revolution. People just said that they would go along with Hitler just to get out of that hall in one piece.
  • Hitler On Trial For Treason

    Hitler On Trial For Treason
    After the revolution Hitler was arrested and tried for treason. Instead of the failed revolution destroying Hitler's carrer it helped it. He bacame more famous and more people listened to him. He was found guilt, but was given a huge cell with a view and gurantee of an early parole.
  • Mein Kampf Is Published

    Mein Kampf Is Published
    Mein Kampf was a Hitler wrote about himself and his views. He openly talked about how he hated Jews. He also talked about his past and his childhood. He explained the concept of the Aryan race. When the book was first released it didn't sell well.
  • The Great Depression Begins

    The Great Depression Begins
    The Great Depression struck during a time of economic weakness in Germany. Hitler saw this as his chance to get elected to power. As the economy further declined people became more distressed. In March of 1930 Heinrich Bruening became Chancellor. Instead of helping the people he went to the President of Germany and asked for Article 48 of the German constitution to be invoked. He then called for new elections for the Reichstag. They were set for September 14th, 1930.
  • Nazis Get Elected

    Nazis Get Elected
    Throughout 1930 the Nazis campaigned. Hitler made apperances, gave speeches and kissed babies. In the elections the Nazis got 18% of the vot entitling them to 107 seats in the Reichstag. The went from the smallest political party to the second biggest. Their intention was to bring the current government down and overthrow. To celebrate Nazis broke the windows of storefronts and homes of Jews.
  • Hitler Announces Campaign For Presidency

    Hitler Announces Campaign For Presidency
    After winning seats in the Reichstag Hitler was successful. His book became a best seller and people started to invest in him. He then fell in love with his niece. During their relationship she killed herself. This caused Hitler to stop eating meat. Then Hitler met the President of Germany. Then in Feburary of 1930 he announced he was going to run against him. On March 13, 1932 Hitler got 30% of the vote. A run off election was held where he got 36% of thr vote. They lost but gained followers.
  • Hitler Becomes Chancellor

    Hitler Becomes Chancellor
    On May 8, 1932 Hitler met Kurt von Schleicher and discussed the destruction of the current government. The current Chancellor would resign and new Reichstag elections would occur. Schleicher then got Franz von Papen to become Chancellor. In the new election the Nazis got 230 seats. Hitler kept trying to become Chancellor but was only offered Vice. Eventually Papen resigned. Schleicher became Chancellor. He tried to split the Nazis but failed. The President then made Hitler Chancellor.
  • The Reichstag Falls

    The Reichstag Falls
    Once Chancellor Hitler wanted another election. Before this election coul occur a Communist lit the Reichstag building on fire. This gave Hitler an excuse to blindly kill Communists and take away rights. In the election the Nazis got 44% of the vote. Dictatorship was in reach for Hitler.
  • Hitler Becomes Dictator

    Hitler Becomes Dictator
    Hitler began getting laws passed that gave Nazis special privileges and taking away more rights. He then proposed a bill that would pretty much give him full control. He then appeared before the Reichstag saying he will use these powers sparingly. The bill eventually gets passed ending Democracy in Germany. The Reichstag were now powerless. Now with huge amounts of power Hitler began to focus on the Jews.
  • Hitler Becomes Führer

    Hitler Becomes Führer
    The President had finally died. Once he died the gears were in motion to get a law passed that allowed Hitler to become Führer. the militray all took an oath to serve Hitler. Then on August 20th all public officals had to take the following oath: "I swear: I shall be loyal and obedient to Adolf Hitler, the Führer of the German Reich and people, respect the laws, and fulfill my official duties conscientiously, so help me God." Hitler had gained absolute control over Germany.
  • Hitler Reveals War Plans

    Hitler Reveals War Plans
    Hitler reaveals his plans to obtain more living space for Germany. France and Britain allowed Hitler to build up his army because he claimed it was for defensive purposes.
  • World War II Begins

    World War II Begins
    Hitler had began invading countries like Austria to unite Germany and make it bigger. When Hitler invaded Poland that was the last straw. Britain and France stopped enabiling and declared war on Germany. Italy then joined the fight. World War II was ultimately the begining of the end for Hitler.
  • Hitler Dies

    Hitler Dies
    On April 30th, 1945, in the Führerbunker Hitler and his wife Eva Braun killed themselves. Beriln was about to be invaded and it was the end of his reign. Ten days previous on his birthday it was suggested that he should relocate to the mountains, but Hitler was afraid to leave his bunker. Shortly after his death Berlin was captured and the Nazis had fallen.