Causes and Events that led up to World War II

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  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    The History Learning SiteA Treaty signed in June 28, 1919 to make peace with all the countries and was a symbol for forgiveness and future internation cooperation and used to end the world war 1. The Treaty of Versailles was the most important thing becuase this stopped Germany and the Allies from starting wars.
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    Causes and Events That Led to World War II

    This is a timeline that shows the Cause and Events that happened before the start of World War II from 1919-1940 period.
  • Hitler Comes to Power

    Hitler Comes to Power
    AskHitler joined the National Socialist German Workers' Party also known as the Nazis and later in the 1921 he was then the leader of the party.
  • The League of Nations

    The League of Nations
    A international cooperation which included the Treaty of Versailles to create peace.
  • Hitler Jailed After Failed Coup

    In 1923 Hitler 10 years before he came to power he tried to take Germany by force. On the night of November 8th, 1923 Adolf Hitler and some of his confederates stormed into the beer hall and attempted to froce and take over Germany but with just three man againest the governed Bavaria. The men from from the tiumvirate disagreed. Which in this case adolf Hitler was arrested three days later and after he had a short trial, he was sentenced to five years in prison.
  • The First Assassination Attempt on Mussolini

    The First Assassination Attempt on Mussolini
    This was the first attempt on a assassination on Benito Mussolini. On April 7th, 1926 he was giving out a speech in romes to the International Congress of Surgeons. After his speech his he was walking back to his car, but no one even saw Violet Gibson was a small Irish women that had long history of mental illness. Once Mussolini was in his car Gibson raised his revolver, pointed at Benito Mussolini's head which was basiclly point-blank range. The shot had burn his cheeks.and gone through nose.
  • The Stock Market Crashed

    The Stock Market Crashed
    The stock market crashed and making people that had many shares become bankrupt and this lead to germany printing money that they didnt have in their banks
  • The Great Depression Begins

    The Great Depression Begins
    The Great Depression The Great Depression played a very big important role. which was the main start of how economy started to fail and collpsed. The Depression also create problems like unemployment and made people desperate. The Great Depression also played a important role because many countries demand for weapons and goods this also would make people want jobs and even to keep the ecnomy very active.
  • Failure of the League of Nations

    Failure of the League of Nations
    The failure of the League of Nations was becuase the United States didnt join the League and this made the League of Nations slowly collapse and also the League of Nations didnt have a military that was strong enough to enforce other countries not to start world wars. The League of Nations was used only to keep peace after the World War I.
  • Hitler Becomes the Fuhrer (Leader)

    Hitler Becomes the Fuhrer (Leader)
    AnswersAdolf Hitler and the Nazi Party rise to power in Germany in 1934,
  • First Nazi Concentration Camp

    First Nazi Concentration Camp
    These concentration camps were used to keep jewish, people with religions, even people that tried to declare war on Adolf Hitler, his Nazi Party would be put into those camps. which was used to torture people or left there as slaves and workers to die after they didnt survive and even human experiments
  • Japan withdraw from the League of Nations

    Japan withdraw from the Leauge of Nations becuase they knew if they followed in hitler steps they could take over China and even Manchuria. Both China and Japan had many wars under the need for taking this area becuase of the rich in both gold, iron and coal desposits.
  • Germany withdraws from the League of Nations

    The World at WarAdolf Hitler didnt have or want to deal with the League of Nations because of how weak the support was and that their military wouldn't stop Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party.
  • Hitler Restore's Germany

    Hitler intended to restore Germany to the way it was in World War 1 and then make Germany military and a very powerful country and control the whole areas around Germany. Adolf Hitler's master plan was just to restore and take back those territories that were taken away from them.
  • Hitler becomes Germany's chancellor

    Hitler becomes Germany's chancellor
    After the Great Depression, the lives of the Germans were ruined. The Nazi Party became very strong. The president Hindenburg of Germany assigns Hitler as chancellor. This event is important because it brought new hopes to the people that Hitler would be able to settle down all the problems and damages caused by the Great Depression.
  • President Hindenburg Passes Away

    President Hindenburg Passes Away
    President Hindenburg of Germany dies and then Hitler made himself the Fuhrer this was caused by when he became a chancellor, he obtained several authorities and powers that allowed him to declare himself in this case give him the power to make himself the Fuhrer.
  • Italy invades Abyssinia (Benito Mussolini)

    Italy invades Abyssinia (Benito Mussolini)
    During World War I Italy as a country was mostly charging sides becasue they did know what side would win. Even though this happend Italy later was planning an invasion on Abyssinia because they warned if war was going to happen they would have 100,000 of Italian troops to invaded Northern Abyssinin that morning.
  • The Spanish Civil War

    The Spanish Civil War
    During this time period in the Spanish Civil War the leadership of General Francisco Franco and this was a major conflict in spain becuase this time if a big problem was were to strike it would cause Spanish people to bombing to Guernica on April 26, 1937.
  • Japan invades China (Manchuria)

    Japan invades China (Manchuria)
    Japan invades China becuase these two countries have been at war for a very long period of time and because Manchuria was county that original didnt belong to anyone and it had many materials and resources on it like gold, coal. This led to these two countries at war with each other. this also made Japan withdraw from the League of Nations.
  • Annexation of Austria

    Annexation of Austria
    Hitler brought his German troops and marched into Austria to annex the German-speaking nation for the Third Reich. When Hitler took his troops into Austria becuase also during the World War I Germany and Austria were allies and then the Treaty of Versailles broke them apart.
  • Nazi Being to Capture Jews

    Nazi Being to Capture Jews
    in 1938 the Nazis begin to round of jews for the labor camps, which was a slave camp used only and or execution camp which killed many Jews and later on the Jewsish people surrender to the Adolf Hitler and the Nazi soldiers
  • Germany invades Czechoslovakia

    Germany invades Czechoslovakia
    Adolf Hitler was to take over Czechoslovakia because Czechoslovakia was a large area and this was a great thing for germany becuase it would mean that Hitler could gain more space for his Germany Nazi troops.
  • German-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact

    Hitler and his troops invade poland and this cause conflicts between Germany and made Britain/France responded immediately to help poland.
  • Britain and France declares War on Germany

    Britain and France declares War on Germany
    Britain and France declares war on Germany becuase Poland was being invaded by Germany because both Britain and France had no choice but to defend it.