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The Man Behind the Nazi

By Zac_40
  • Hitler is born

    Hitler is born
    Hitler is born in Braunau Am Inn, Austria
  • Period: to

    The Man Behind the Nazi

    The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler
  • Hitler moves to Vienna

    Hitler moves to Vienna
    Hitler lived a bohemian life in Vienna on an orphan's pension and support from his mother. This is where he finds his anti- semetic ideals
  • Hitlers mother dies

    While he is away his main supporter dies
  • Hitler applies to Art School

    Hitler applies to Art School
    Hitler had an artistic mind, although he tried to get into art school twice he was declined both times
  • Hitler joins the army

    Hitler joins the army
    He was noted as being an an unusual soldier with a sloppy manner and unmilitary bearing.
  • Hitler back in action

    Hitler asks to go back to the front lines
  • Hitler Shot

    Hitler is shot in the leg with a shell fragment and for the first time in two years put in a hostital and away from the way
  • Recieves a Iron Cross First Class

    Recieves a Iron Cross First Class
    Although his superiors saw that he lacked leadership qualities and thought he would not command enough respect as a sergeant.
  • Hitler Gased

    after being gased Hitler is blinded for a period of time, it is during this time that he comes up with his radical ideas to punish those who have brought the loss of the war upon them
  • Hitler Joins the Workers Party

    Hitler Joins the Workers Party
    He stands up and for the first time in his life is respected and looked upon as a leader
  • Nazi Party formed

    Nazi Party formed
    at age thirty, Hitler immediately began a frenzied effort to make it succeed.
  • Hitler becomes the head of the Nazi Party

    Hitler becomes the head of the Nazi Party
    Hitler spoke before a crowd of nearly six thousand in Munich. To publicize the meeting, he sent out two truckloads of Party supporters to drive around with swastikas, cause a big commotion, and throw out leaflets, the first time this tactic was used by the Nazis.
  • Beer Haul Putsch

    Events would unfold so that would propel the Nazis to new heights of daring and would even prompt Hitler into attempting to take over Germany.
  • Hitler imprisoned

    Hitler imprisoned
    After the Beer Hall Putsch Hitler is commited of treason and put in jail, this is where he writes his book, "Mein Kampf"
  • Hitler released from Prison

    Hitler emerged a free man after nine months in prison, having learned from his mistakes
  • The Great Depression Hits

    the depression in Germany gives Hitler all he needs to take power
  • Hitler becomes Chancellor

    Hitler becomes Chancellor
    the events following this happen rapidly, the nazi take over soon ensues
  • Night of the Long Knives

    This is the killing of all politicians who were not sided with Hitler
  • Hitler becomes Fuhrer

    Hitler becomes Fuhrer
    Hitler replaced the offices of chancellor and president with a single dictatorial position by declaring himself Führer ("Leader") of a new German Reich – the Third Reich.
  • Neuremburg Laws

    Neuremburg Laws
    this protected German blood, and signified jews as the enemy.
  • Kristallnacht

    a young Jew killed a German, this gives Hitler a chance to use propaganda and the extermination of the Jews begins
  • Hitler advances on Norway

    taking the war to them, Hitler finds little resistance.
  • Auchwitz

    one of the biggest concentration camps in ever, many many people killed here
  • France

    In their own termoil after WW1 France surrenders to Hitler with little resistance
  • Hitler declares war on the US

    After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Hitler and Mussolini delclare war on the US while it is at its weakest
  • Gas

    Gassing becomes more cost efficient in the concentration camps, so that is what they begin to use
  • Hitler agrees to withdraw troops

    for the first time in the war, Hitler agrees with his generals to withdraw troops from Ardennes
  • Defeat Looming

    Defeat Looming
    With defeat coming ever closer Hitler orders the destruction of all German Industry
  • Hitlers Death

    Hitlers Death
    With the Soviets just blocks away Hitler shot himself and his wife, after finding them the soviets burned them both in the streets