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The Hitler Age

  • Thirty Years War Ending

    Thirty Years War Ending
    The Thirty Years War ended which was ruinious to the twenty million civilians, thw war was higly effective.
  • Period: to

    Napoleonic Wars

    On these approximated dates was the Napoleonic Wars which caused nationalism to crash and feudalism also dwindled.
  • Industrial Revolution

    Industrial Revolution
    On this approximated date was around the Industrial Revolution which mordenrized the GErman ecnomy and led to the Socialist movment in Germany.
  • German Empire

    German Empire
    On this approximated date unfication was achieved with the formation of the German Empire under the leader of the Prussion Chancellor.
  • Hitler Date of Birth

    Hitler Date of Birth
    On this day Hitler was born in an inn in Austria. The inn was located approximently 65 miles east of Munich.
  • Hitler's Father's Death

    Hitler's Father's Death
    On this day Hitler's father died at 65 from a lung hemorrhage. His name was Alois Hitler.
  • Hitler's Mom's Death

    Hitler's Mom's Death
    Klara Hitler dies of cancer which creates a huge hardship for the already troubled man. This event sent hitler into rage.
  • Hitler's First Move

    Hitler's First Move
    On this approximate date, Adolf and his fmaily moved to Vienna which was the capital of the Austrian-Hungary empire. Pertaining to this move Hitler applied to and art school in which he was denied, causing him to give up on his dream.
  • HItler Serving in WWI

    HItler Serving in WWI
    On this date in history, Hitler beggan to serve in World War 1. He volunteers for Germany due to his hate for Austria-Hungart, becuase he belives he is still a c itizen of Germany,
  • Blinding of Hitler

    Blinding of Hitler
    Hitler is blinded by the estructive new instrument of war, mustard gas. He is fighting the British while this occured. During recovery Hitler was veey depressed and spent alot of time crying.
  • Hitler in prision

    Hitler in prision
    Hitler is inprisioned because of being caught performing treason. He is placed in prision for five years. The Nazis unsuccessfully try to take over Germany. Treason is a betrayal against your own country.
  • Appeasement

    England and France used the policy of appeasement to avoid war with Hitler. It failed in this situation.
    Appeasement- is giving soomeone something to get something in return or to avoid drama.
  • Concentration Camps

    Concentration Camps
    On this date in history the first concentration camp was established at Dachau. It only held political prisoners for now.
  • Dictatorship over Germany

    Dictatorship over Germany
    On this date in history Hitler declares himself dictator of the once so controlling country of Germany. He vows to fight for communism.
  • Total Control

    Total Control
    Hitler appoints himself the President of Germany and begins to brutaly persecute the Jewish.
  • Additional Names

    Additional Names
    HItler had the Jewish people take on additonal names showing how disrespectful and evil his intentions were to make the Jewish people miserable fo thei religion.
  • "Man of the Year"

    "Man of the Year"
    Time magazine named "Man of the Year" for being so powerful in the world and so influeincial.
  • Non-Agressive Pact is Signed

    Non-Agressive Pact is Signed
    This pact was between the Soviet Union and Germany so that the Soviet Union would not enter the conflict.
  • Beginning of World WAr 2

    Beginning of World WAr 2
    It occurs when Germany invades Poland to anger the world.
  • My Birthday in Hitler's Life

    My Birthday in Hitler's Life
    On this day, Adolf Hitler denies he intends to go to war against France and Britain.
  • Categorizing

    At this time the Germans forced the Jewish people in Poland to wear a yellow star of David on their chests and clothing so they could be easily spotted and avoided.
  • The Ghetto Movement

    The Ghetto Movement
    The German Nazis establish the first Polish Ghetto known as thw Warsaw Ghetto. It signified the Nazis not allowing the Jews to live among them.
  • Very Eventful Day

    Very Eventful Day
    On this day European Invasions occured. Germany invades and defeats Denmark, Norway, Luxembuerg, FRance, the Netherlands, and Belguim.
  • Still Growing

    Still Growing
    Hungart, Romania, and Slovakia join the Axis Powers which only makes Hitler and the Nazis that much more powerful.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japan launches a surprise attack againast Pearl arbor in Hawaii casuing future drama.
  • War Against the US

    War Against the US
    On this day in history Hitler declares war on America after the bombing of Pearl Harbour. Hitler enjoys the fact that he is the center of the World War.
  • D-Day!

    At this time, the Allied forces invaded Normandy and won the battle which was a big win/loss of the war, effective battle.
  • Survives an Assasination Attempt

    Survives an Assasination Attempt
    Hitler escapes serious injury when a bomb explodes in his headquarters in Berlin. It is the third attempt to assasinate to kill Adolf Hitler.
  • Hitler in demand

    Hitler in demand
    Hitler orders the destruction of Germany's infrastructure. He belives that since the Germans lost the war the country doesn't deserve to survive.
  • Hitler's Death

    Hitler's Death
    Hitler's death was self inflicted. He shot himself in Berlin, while biting down on a poisonous cyanide capsule.

    On this day the dredful, brutal war ens with the Soviet forces invading Berlin and Germany surrending.