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  • NSDAP emerges

    NSDAP emerges
    The National Socialist German Worker's Party emerges in January 1919. This party pushed for nationalism and used anti-Jewish ideas.
  • Hitler First Attends Meeting

    Hitler First Attends Meeting
    The party's fate changes with Adolf Hitler as he first attends a meeting held in September of 1919. He was a spy for the army before joining.
  • Political Party Arguments

    Political Party Arguments
    In 1920 multiple political parties began fighting to become elected.
  • Hitler Declares Himself Fuehrer

    Hitler Declares Himself Fuehrer
    In 1921 Hitler declares himself the party's Fuehrer. He ordered the formation around the enforcement group Sturmabteilung, who was later known as 'brown shirts'.
  • Hitler's Release

    Hitler's Release
    Hitler is released in 1924 after he attempted to overthrow the government. His trial gave his party lots of publicity. After being released he pledged to make NSDAP an actual party and to participate in democracy but not use it to destroy.
  • Period: to

    The Great Depression

    The great depression began in 1929 and lasted until 1939. It led German voters to look towards more radical parties (Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party). The Wiemar government failed to respond appropriately to the crisis. Eleven months after the start of the Great Depression NSDAP was able to increase its share of the Reichstag's vote.
  • Start Of The Great Depression

    Start Of The Great Depression
    The Great Depression begins with numerous of unemployment and very limited job sources.
  • Austria Creates Own Nazi Group

    Austria Creates Own Nazi Group
    In the mid 1930's Austria had own Nazi group.
  • Election Results

    Election Results
    In July 1932 the Nazis won 230 seats in the election. This was the highest number held by one party at any point of the Weimar period
  • Concentration Camp Construction

    Concentration Camp Construction
    Early in 1933 Hitler authorized the construction of concentration camps. These camps were secure holding facilities for political prisoners who disagreed with his ideas or ruling.
  • Chancellorship Upon Hitler

    Chancellorship Upon Hitler
    Hindenburg offers the chancellorship to Hitler. He invited him to join a government.
  • Fire To The Reichstag Building

    Fire To  The Reichstag Building
    The urge for Hitler to move into power so quickly resulted in a destructive fire at the Reichstag Building. Investigators found flammable material all around the building. Still, no one knows who set the fire to this day. Regardless, Hitler used the building to extend his power of Germany. The Nazi leader declared a state of emergency and asked the president to invoke the emergency power. The decree was worded so broadly it allowed Nazis to define their own legal limits.
  • The Enabling Act

    The Enabling Act
    On March 23, 1933 the Germans introduced the enabling act. This allowed Hitler to govern without reference to the Reichstag. The act passed 444 to 94. However, the Nazis rigged the vote by arresting dozens of members from their party. More than 24 members did not actually attend the voting.
  • Nazis Declare

    Nazis Declare
    " The National Socialist German's Worker Party constitutes the only political party in Germany... Whoever undertakes to maintain the organization of another political party or a new political party shall be punished with imprisonment. "
  • Hitler Gains Support of German Army

    Hitler Gains Support of German Army
    In June of 1934 Hitler gained the support of the German army by killing off several leaders of the SA (former Nazi enforcers).
  • Death of President Hindenburg

    Death of President Hindenburg
    President Hindenburg died and left Hitler in full power without any limitations. This put him in head of state, government, and the armed forces. He convened a large public vote with the results being nearly 9/10 of the Germans approving. Although, some people claimed that the voting was rigged.
  • Hitler Reintroduces The Draft

    Hitler Reintroduces The Draft
    In 1935 Hitler reintroduced the draft.
  • Hitler and The Four Year Plan

    Hitler and The Four Year Plan
    Hitler introduces the four year plan. This was a schedule to prepare the nation's military for war.
  • The Rhineland

    The Rhineland
    In March of 1936 Hitler ordered troops back into Rhineland. He was attempting to defend the treaty. France and Britain did nothing.
  • Increasing Food And Raw Materials

    Increasing Food And Raw Materials
    In November of 1937 Hitler spoke about his concerns for Germany's economic growth. He felt they needed self sufficiency in food and raw materials. He proposed a military solution. This was to expand into Eastern Europe so Germany could access food and raw materials there.
  • Prime Minister Meets The Fuhrer

    Prime Minister Meets The Fuhrer
    In September of 1938 British prime minister Neville Chamberlain meets the fuhrer three times.
  • A Single Government

    A Single Government
    In March of 1938 the Austrian Chancellor held a vote on Austrian independence. The claimed the vote was rigged and Hitler threatened him to give up power to the Austrian Nazis or prepare for invasion. The chancellor looked for help from Britain and France, but was refused. After refusal he resigned. Germany crossed the borders and that same day Hitler conjoined Germany and Austria into one government.
  • Obeying Hitler's Commands

    Obeying Hitler's Commands
    The first meeting of fuhrer and chamberlain. Chamberlain agreed to Hitler's demands. In the next meeting Hitler demands German forces to be granted immediate access to the Sudeten region.
  • Large Discussion Leads To Temporary Solution

    Large Discussion Leads To Temporary Solution
    Hitler, Chamberlain, Edouard Daladier, and Benito Mussolini meet in Munich to resolve the crisis. They signed an agreement approving the take over of Sudeten land. However, Hitler had to agree not to go further into Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain returned to Britain where he stated the Munich agreement had secured peace for their time.
  • German Troops Enter Sudetenland

    German Troops Enter Sudetenland
    German troops roll into Sudetenland two days after agreement was made.
  • Germany Increasing Supplies

    Germany Increasing Supplies
    By the start of 1939 Germany boasted more than 900,000 soldiers, 8,000 aircraft, and 95 war ships.
  • Adolf Hitler Appointed Chancellor

    Adolf Hitler Appointed Chancellor
    Hitler was appointed chancellor on January 30th of 1990. His grip on power however was still weak. Hindenburg had the power to replace Hitler at any time. Hitler had many supporters and publicity, but he also had many critics.