Adolf Hitler

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    Greek oppression towards Jews.

    Greek oppression towards Jews.
    Jewish people were not allowed to have sacrifices, sabbaths, or alters due to the Greeks belief that Greek Gods were more important. Any possession of a Jewish scripture was a capital offense.
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Jewish oppression

    Jewish oppression
    From 973-1011 (middle ages) Roman Catholics showed violence towards Jews because they believe the jewish people collectively are responsible for killing Jesus.
  • Jan 1, 1200

    Muslim and Arab oppression towards Jews.

    Muslim and Arab oppression towards Jews.
    Jews living in Muslim and Arabs lands had to pay a jizya to the Muslims. Every Jewish female was foreced to wear one black and one red shoe, along with a brass bell somewhere on her to signify she was Jewish. Each Jewish male also had to wear a yellow badge on his headgear and every jew had to wear a silver, lead weight necklace to let everyone know they were Jewish and had to pay the tax. Jizya: capital tax imposed on non-Muslim males
  • Russian Tszars imposing oppression to Jews.

    Russian Tszars imposing oppression to Jews.
    Alexander III and other tzars imposed laws like the May Laws to ban Jewish people from jobs and being in certain locations. Jews were descriminated against.
  • Adolf Hitler's birth.

    Adolf Hitler's birth.
    Adolf Hitler was born to Alois Schickelgruber Hilter and Klara Poelzl.
  • Adolf Hitler's putdown.

    Adolf Hitler's putdown.
    Adolf Hitler filled an application form out for an art college in Vienna twice, but didn't get accepted. It is believed that a Jewish teacher was responsible for this putdown but even if that is false, this experience definatly shaped his character.
  • Adolf Hitler's childhood.

    Adolf Hitler's childhood.
    His mother died and his father had been deceased when Adolf was 16. Hitler went to an orphanage but often wondered the streets. This is when his hatred towards jews arose. There was so many Jewish people in his life but the stereotypes of society proved them bad.
  • Hitler's first arrest.

    Hitler's first arrest.
    Hitler doesn't want to serve in the military so he flees from his homeland in Vienna for Munich, Bavaria. The government of Vienna came to him and arrested him for evacuating Austria. After serving one year, Hitler was weak but forced to fight in WW!.
  • Adolf Hitler fight in World War One.

    Adolf Hitler fight in World War One.
    Adolf Hitler was a corporal in WW1 and often kept to himself. He was hurt in his leg at the Battle of the Somme. As Hitler served on German's side of the war, he hated the Jews that supported anti-war among the Germans.
  • Germany is a democracy.

    Germany is a democracy.
    Germany is no longer an autocracy, it is a democracy. Kaiser Wilhem was thrown out of power
  • Germany in despair.

    Germany in despair.
    Germany lost the war and the Treaty of Versailles took away colonies in other countries, territory, and forcedGermany to pay for all the war debts.
  • Adolf Hitler joins the German Workers' Party.

    Adolf Hitler joins the German Workers' Party.
    Corporal Hitler was sent in WW1 to investigate this questionable , and posssibly hazardous organization. Once hearing an outraging statement at the meeting Hitler blew his cover and was invited into the Party. This party made of working class citizens supported nationalism and military.
  • The Nazis are created.

    The Nazis are created.
    Hitler felt it his duty to make the German Worker's Party a success so he advertised in local shops and when all else failed he put an ad in the paper saying it would be held in a beer cellar. It was the first time Hitler spoke infront of a large crowd but he became the highlight of the rest to come. Hitler became known as a fuhrer. Fuhrer: a leader that expresses absolute power like a tyrant.
  • Adolf Hitler's arrest.

    Adolf Hitler's arrest.
    Hitler led German citizens to Berlin to prove to the government that Jews and Communists should be exiled. He attempted to take over Bavarian government but most of the protesters were arrested: including Hitler.
  • Hitler's autobiography.

    Hitler's autobiography.
    While Hitler was serving his 5-year jail sentence, he wrote an autobiography filled with exagerations. It was called Mein Kampf. Mein Kampf: "My Story" in German dialect.
  • Hitler wrote a second book.

    Hitler wrote a second book.
    After losing the election Hitler wrote a second book entitled Zweites Buch. It included more autobiography and then some of Hitler's views on forgein policy. It was not published in 1928 due to the fact that Mein Kampf didn't sell well.
  • German federal election.

    German federal election.
    Hitler ran in the 9th party for the Nazi party. He lost the German federal election, getting the least amount of votes out of all the 9 parties. The democratic party wins.
  • German referendum

    German referendum
    Hitler's Nazi party joined with other parties to try to gain support for a law saying it illegal to follow the Treaty of Versailles. It was not passed.
  • Nazis worked their way up to the second party in Germany.

    Nazis worked their way up to the second party in Germany.
    Nazis were gaining political power but all their campaigning has put them in debt. The Great Depression, however, has helped the Nazis gain so much popularity. The first anti-Jewish act took place on this day and it involved smashing Jewish shops.
  • Hitler finally becomes a German citizen.

    Hitler finally becomes a German citizen.
    Adolf Hitler obtains German citizenship by naturalization. Now he is able to run in the 1932 election for Reichspräsident. Reichspräsident :president of Germany
  • Adolf Hitler ran for precidency.

    Adolf Hitler ran for precidency.
    Lost the election for presidency against the current president: Paul von Hindenburg. Hitler got eleven million votes but Hindenburg recieved eighteen million votes.
  • Stopping their promises.

    Stopping their promises.
    The Lausanne Conference opens in Lausanne, Switzerland, having representatives from Britain, Nazi Germany, and France. The three nations agree to end the Great War reparations payments established by Versailles in 1919.
  • Adolf Hitler appointed president.

    Adolf Hitler appointed president.
    Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. The night he was elected there was a parade of 25,000 Nazi troops march through the streets of Berlin. Thousands of Germans cheered as they marched by. Chancellor: similar to prime minister
  • The Holocaust.

    The Holocaust.
    The Holocaust started the same day Hitler became chancellor of Germany until May 8, 1945 near Hitler's death. The Holocaust was the extermination of the Jewish population.
  • Hitler wants more land.

    Hitler wants more land.
    Hitler declared unification of Austria with Nazi Germany in the Anschluss.
  • Adolf Hitler's appeasment.

    Adolf Hitler's appeasment.
    Neville Chamberlain, prime minister of Great Britian continously told Hitler to stop provoking war. Finally he made an appeasment and gave Hitler control of Czechoslovakia in turn for not starting a war. Appeasment: to bring a state of peace or relief.
  • World War Two started.

    World War Two started.
    Adolf Hitler wanted more land, inorder to expand Germany. Germany was limited to the amount of land they owned due to the Treaty of Versailles. War broke out when, after controlling Austria and Czechoslovakia, Germany tried to take over Poland.
  • An Event in Hitler's career near my birthday.

    An Event in Hitler's career near my birthday.
    One week after Pearl Harbor bombing by German's Japanese allies, Germany officially declares war on the United States. This event is near my birthday which is on December 12th.
  • Battle of Sevastopol.

    Battle of Sevastopol.
    At the Battle of Sevastopol the trenchs were fight off German bombardement for several intense months.The Western Allies finally broke through the incomplete Atlantic Wall. This proved that with the help of modern machine trenchwarefare is not a good idea anymore.
  • Adolf Hitler's death.

    Adolf Hitler's death.
    Adolf Hitler committed suicide. His mistress Eva Braun committed suicide only 2 minutes beofre him.