key events between 1918 and 1945

By 3!11O
  • Kaiser Wilhelm Abdicates his throne

    Kaiser Wilhelm Abdicates his throne
  • The end of the Great War

    The end of the Great War
    on November the 11th at 11 o'clock the First World war ended and the Armistice was signed
  • The Spartacist uprising

    The Spartacist uprising
    The Spartacists were communists who wanted to replicate the Russian revolution of 1917 by overthrowing the government and establishing a communist rule
  • The German workers party was founded

    this party would later become the Nazi party, which would end up being led by Hitler
  • The Treaty of Versailles was signed

  • The league of Nations is created By the Treaty of Versailles

    The league of Nations is created By the Treaty of Versailles
  • Vilna

    The league of nations' first test, a border dispute between Poland and Lithuania
  • The Kapp Putsch

    The Kapp putsch was lead by Wolfgang Kapp and Walther Von Luttwitz, who were right-winged nationalists, leading a group of Freikorps to overthrow the new government
  • Aaland Islands

    border dispute between Sweden an Finland, they both want the Aaland islands, but the league of nations gives them to Finland
  • Upper Silesia

    border dispute as to whether Germany or Poland should have the industrial region of Upper Silesia, the people who lived there were allowed to vote and it was successfully divided
  • Hitler became leader of Nazis.

  • Munich (beer hall) Putsch

    the Munich putsch was the first major push for power from the SA led by Hitler, he took over the army headquarters and the local newspaper offices, before the police were called and 16 Nazis were killed, Hitler escaped and fled, but was captured and arrested two days later,
  • Bulgaria

    Greek troops invade Bulgaria, Greece is condemned and agrees to pay compensation
  • Locarno treaties signed

  • Germany joins the League of Nations

    after seven years, Germany was finally deemed by the league to be peace loving enough to join the league
  • The Wall Street crash

    Shares on the US Stock Market lost a huge amount of their value, This foreshadowed a worldwide slide into recession
  • The Wall Street Crash

    The Wall Street Crash
    The wall street Crash was the greatest stock market crash in american History, it started the Great depression and stock prices didn't reach the same level until 1954
  • Hindenburg invokes Article 48

    Hindenburg invokes Article 48 to force certain laws to be carried out even when the Reichstag votes against them.
  • Period: to

    Manchurian crisis

    Japan started to build up its empire by invading China
  • Adolf Hitler comes to power

    Adolf Hitler comes to power
    On the 30th of January 1933, President Hindenburg Allowed Adolf Hitler to become Chancellor of the Reichstag
  • the Reichstag Fire

    on the 27th of February 1933 at 21:27, the Reich building in Germany was set on fire by a dutch communist, this shocked president Hindenburg and he allowed Hitler to ban The communists.
  • Dachau and Burchenwald concentration camps open

    Dachau and Burchenwald concentration camps open
    the first major concentration camps are opened for political prisoners and other major offenders
  • Night of the Long knives

    The Night of the Long Knives was the night where Hitler purged the Nazi party of the SA storm troopers, many men were killed including Ernst Röhm, a long-time supporter and ally of Hitler, to prove his power over Germany
  • Period: to

    Abyssinian crisis

    Italy invades Abyssinia
  • Kristalnacht - The night of Broken Glass

    From the 9 November 1938 to the 10 November 1938, an organised mass vandalisim of jewish property including schools, houses, shops and synagogues, many jews were also violently assaulted and some were killed
  • Invasion of Poland and start of the Second World War

    Germany invades Poland to unite Germany back together, Forcing Briton and France to retaliate, starting the Second World War
  • Mass shootings of jews

    The Einsatzgruppen from the SS death head unit begin mass shootings in Ukraine and Poland
  • First test of Zyklon B at Auchwitz

  • Mobile gas vans in operation

    in occupied Poland, Jews are placed in mobile gas vans and driven to the burial site while carbon monoxide from the engine is fed into the sealed rear of the truck
  • Wannsee conference

    the German leaders meet to discuss the "Final Solution", they decide on using Zyklon B to murder the Jews in gas chambers at death camps
  • Second gas chamber at Auschwitz opens

    the second gas chamber, named bunker two (the white farmhouse), is made operational because of the number of Jews arriving
  • Hitler commits suicide

    Adolf Hitler Killed Himself by shooting himself in the Führerbunker in Berlin, His wife committed suicide with him by taking cyanide
  • The end of The Second World War

    The end of The Second World War
    the world celebrated V-E (victory in Europe) day when The German Army Surrendered and V-J (victory in Japan) Day, when the war finally came to an End