Adolf as baby

Adolf Hitler as Baby

  • Born

    April 20, 1889, in the Upper Austrian border town Braunau
  • Boyhood

    Hitler's life he had been care-free until his very striced father retired. His mother was preoccupied with her newborn Edmund
  • Boyhood

    Hitler moved from a small farm outside of Linz, Austria to the farm to the town of Lambach, Austria.
  • Boyhood

    At age nine, he got into trouble . He was caught smoking a cigarette by one of the priests, but was forgiven and not punished
  • Father Dies

    For Adolf there would be no more harsh words about his life choses. He was soon made head male in the household
  • Hitler at school

    With his father dead and no fear of being punished. Hitler's prefromence in school was degrading. Not only was he failing in most classes, he also behaved badly.
  • Hitler drop out of high school

    At age sixteen Hitler droped out of high school
  • He grew great faith in germany

    After borrwing alot of books from library. He grew faith in every thing german did. And grew a strong dislike against anything non-Germanic
  • Rejected from art school

    He had left his mother with breast cancer to Vienna. He took the exam and failed. Depressed he went to get a explnation for why he didnt get in. Once he found out he retruned home to a dying mother
  • Mother dies

    He share a storng relationship with his mother and was completely greif striction.
  • Moved to Vienna

    Hitler moved to Vienna still having hopes about the art school . But he was very poor and soon found himself sleeping in park beanchs and eating charity soup.
  • Hitler Joined WWI

    Fighting for the german fatherlandhitler now thought he had propose. He was always eager to volunteer for dangerous assignments. Even though he roughly escaped many life thearting events.
  • Hitler is wounded

    Hitler was shot in the leg. He blame the jews for the seemed never ending war
  • After the war

    Hitler was awarded with five medal one even being Iron Cross 1st Class
  • After the war

    Once the war was over hitler was told of germans losing. And hitler still thought it was the jews to blame and so forth his haterd grew stornger
  • Hitler's speech

    Hitler prepared a thirty minutes speech. Everyone in the room was amazed. In this speech he was constatly blaming the jews for the war
  • Plans another speech

    Hitler planed another and had more than two thousand people awaiting his arrival. By the end of his speech peole determine that jews were non german like and did not want them
  • The symbol

    The symbol
    Hitler realize that the "no jew" movement lacked something. A symbol. Thus the swastika was born.
  • Nazi party

    The party realized that Hitler was overbaring and set out to weaken his role. But then notice how losing him would kill the movement. And the party voted and made him leader.
  • German democracy

    Hitler tried over thorw a German democracy and failed
  • The Great Depression

    During this time the German democracy began to unravel and hitler saw his chance. Election were about to be held and hitler was determine to get the nazi party.
  • Won the election

    Hitler prepared major speeches in many different places. He would anything to win the people of germany over. And it worked
  • Death of Nice

    Hitler fell in love with his love his niece (ewww) and was very stirct with her. She couldnt do anything without his premession. One day he ordered her to stay in his apratment and not to leave until he got back. This made her mad. When Hitler returned home he had been notified his niece killed herself.
  • Hitler took over

    After the elections (which Hiitler lost) the nazi were doing a sysmatic take over. Prisoners were torured to death and beaten. This was the very beinging of concentration camps.
  • Hitler took over

    Hitler order miltary into buildings to pose a theat to any one who might dis obey him.
  • Hitler took over

    Later Hindenburg sign two things. The first one was to realease all Nazi inprisoned. And to arrest anyone who defied the goverment. Since people were in need of a new way of living they would listen to anyone. Including hitler. When they had a ots hitler got the 31 that he need and took over