History World War II

By Puntin
  • Period: to

    Lightning (Blitzkrieg) WW2

    The Germans perfected the art of 'lightning war' or 'blitzkrieg'. (From Blitzen ; Lightning, and Krieg : War).
  • Hitler found the National Socialist Workers party(Nazi)

    Hitler found the National Socialist Workers party(Nazi)
    In the early1920, Hitler found the Nazi, and he wanted to gain support both from workers and nationalists. In this party, it calls to create Greater Germany that would denys citzenship to Jews.
    The party used a lot of symbolism such as flags, badges, uniforms, and its own newspaper and police force(SA)
  • Munich Beer Hall Pustsch

    Munich Beer Hall Pustsch
    Hitler tried to take popwer by starting a rebellion in Munich
  • Hitler in Jail

    Hitler in Jail
    His attempt to seize power fails and Hitler is imprisoned, during this year he wrote Mein Kampf(My Struggle). The book is widely read.
  • Period: to

    Election Time

    The time of the election
  • Brownshirts (Stromtroopers)

    Brownshirts (Stromtroopers)
    1.They beat up Jews who supports opposition.
    2.Private arm of 400,000
    3.Called for rebirth of German pride and strength
    4.HItler would end any Communist threat in Germany
  • Hitler appointed Chancellor

    Hitler appointed Chancellor
  • Hitler got Elected (Nazi)

    Nazis were a fringe party but more popular among the unemployed. He also enjoys himself from the poplarity of his book.
  • Nuremberg Laws passed

    Nuremberg Laws passed
    The Nureberg Laws were two laws, one is took away Jews national rights, and a unite party that deal with Jews issues.
  • The Rape of Nanking

    The Rape of Nanking
    300,00 civilians are killed (80,000 women are raped)
  • Anschluss with Austria

    Hitler took over Austria, his home land they are unified.
  • HItler Takes over Sudetenland

    HItler Takes over Sudetenland
    Hitler took advantage of this policy by annexing Austria on March 13, 1938. He then demanded the return to Germany of the Sudetenland, a part of Czechoslovakia inhabited largely by Germans. Czechoslovakia, assured by various treaties of the backing of France and the Soviet Union, prepared for war.
  • Munich Agreement

    Munich Agreement
    Germany, Great Britain, French, and Italy permitted German annexation of the Sudetenland. Britain and France don't want war.
  • Germany Invades Soviet Union

    Germany Invades Soviet Union
    Hitler Invaded Soviet Union because of the resurce in Asia, so he want to fight though the way there and invaded Soviet Union.
    =_= another mistake!
  • Hitler invades Poland

    Hitler invades Poland
    The invading Ppoland might invade war with USSR, so they decide to divide the territory rather having war.
  • Period: to

    Battle of the Atlantic

    Six year of naval warfare, German used U-boats and earships, and later Italian Dubmarines. vs Britain and Soviet Union.
  • France and Britain Declears war to Germany

    France and Britain Declears war to Germany
    On September 1, 1939 German troops swarmed across the Polish border
  • Blitzkerieg "Lighting War"

    Blitzkerieg "Lighting War"
    This based on Surprise,speed and Power
  • Canada declears war on Germany

    Canada declears war on Germany
  • Sitzkreig"Phony War"

    The time which Allies a time to organize
  • Germany invaded Denmark and Norway

  • Miracle at Dunkirk

    Miracle at Dunkirk
    Hitler made a mistake of releasing 340,000 Allie Soldiers. He could won the war earlier.
  • Battle of Britain

    Battle of Britain
    Hitler acciently bombed London, another mistake.
    He was outraged and ordered to keep bombing London instead of bombing airfields and factories.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Moscow

    The Soviets Union lost more than the U.S during this war ,but so is Germany less than 5,000 return from war.
    Hitler biggest mistake he doesn't retreat from the war
  • Peral Harbor U.S Declears war at Japan

    Peral Harbor U.S Declears war at Japan
    Much of the Pacific fleet including American ship were sunk or disabled.
  • GErmany and Italy Declears war in the Us.

    Hitler's MISTAKE, he shouldn't involved the U.S
  • Battle of Dieppe

    Battle of Dieppe
    It was a Failture of the Allies. a force of 6100 soldier are set to Dieppe.
    It was a attack of testing new weapons, and 5000 Canadian soldier were sent there roughly
  • Period: to

    Battle of Stalingrad

    When the German fail attacking Russia and went on full retreat.
    Germany Started the war with ill-soldiers
  • Operation Husky

    Operation Husky
    When the Allies attacked Sicilan shores(Sicily)Landed 15000 Soldiers ,3000 ships, and 4000 aircraft all directed at the southern shore of the island. They dropped troops at night with 600 tanks.
  • D-Day

    element of surprise attack of Allies, and breaking Germany defence with Allies Tanks.