Timeline Final Project

  • Birth

    Born at 2:43pm. Born a fraternal twin, she is older, always seem to have preferred treatment.
  • Period: to

    Personal Timeline From Birth To Death

  • Birth Defect

    Was dx. with Poloric Stenosis-Narrowing of the digestive tract. Have a 4" scar on my upper right abd.
  • First Two Years-Cognitive

    Mother said I babbled till about the age of 1.
  • First Two Years- Psychosocial

    I had seperation anxiety. Parents would often use velcro wrist bands tied to our and their's wrist when shopping.
  • First Two Years-Biosocial

    Physcial attatchment with Mother. Always slept better when I sneaked into her bed to sleep.
  • Early Childhood- Biosocial

    Physically hating eating peas, would get physcially punished for not finishing food.
  • Early Childhood- Cognitive

    My thinking was I could always avoid injury. I would fall often roller blading and biking and have the scars and wounds to prove it. Would never wear pads and helmet even after parents told me too.
  • Middle Childhood- Cognitive

    I absolutely loved sports, this is when I really started to enjoy soccer the most.
  • Early Childhood- Psychosocial

    Being grounded was the worst. My parents would ground me specifically on the nicest days of the month. I would get emotional while watching the kids play outside through my window.
  • Middle Childhood- Biosocial

    AXE ACCIDENT- My father was out in the back chopping up wood. Thinking I could help, I grabbed an axe, whithout him seeing, and not realizing that it was way to heavy for me to handle, I dropped it on by right big toe. Bleed like a stuffed pig and had to go to the hospital and get stictched up.
  • Middle Childhood- Psychosocial

    We were shopping at Crawley's Mall in Livonia for our first communion outfits. While riding the escalator, my sister got her shoelace caught on the metal steps and it dragged her left foot into the teeth at the top of the escalator. When all said and done, this had a major emotional impact on my life. Seeing my twin sister going through the pain, emotional anguish and physical rehab, it was a very remarkable event of my middle childhood. She ended up losing part of her big toe.
  • Adolescence- Biosocial

    I specifically remember not knowing how to shave and my father showing me in the bathroom one night. I only had a few black hairs and the rest was peach fuzz. Now I wish I didn't have to shave everyday for work!
  • Adolescence- Cognitive

    I stopped going to church on Sunday's. I didn't stop believing in God but didn't think I had to attend church anymore.
  • Adolescence- Psychosocial

    All I cared about was getting my varsity letter for baseball. That was the "cool" thing to have. To see all my fellow students with those awesome varsity jackets was a way to feel socially accepted among my peers. I did get my varsity letter-but not till I finally graduated in 2001.
  • Emerging Adulthood- Biosocial

    Detroit Tiger tryouts at Comerica Park. This was one of many attempts to continue my baseball career. Of course, by no surprise, I didn't make the team but to physically touch foot on the Tigers baseball field was truly amazing.
  • Emerging Adulthood- Cognitive

    Pagers were out, cell phones and texting were in. I thought to myself that texting was so much easier than actually talking to someone. I would have subjective and objective thoughts that I would send out through text messaging as fast as possible. I bet I text approx. 2,000 times or more currently.
  • Emerging Adulthood- Psychosocial

    Wedding Bells! Like normal society I emotionally fell in love with the women that I wanted to be with. We got married on this day. Unfortanetly, we didn't even make it a year. I was not sexually satisfied and we physcially and emotionally were not able to make it work.
  • Adulthood- Biosocial

    My son Zane was born on this day. I physically created him. This was a game changer for me because he was not planned. But everything happens for a reason I suppose.
  • Adulthood- Psychosocial

    Relationships have always been a down fall for me. I never put what truly made me happy first in a relationship. Intimacy is very important and ranks in the top 3 for me. Also I've closer to my family more now than I ever have been.
  • Adulthood- Cognitive

    Through the past many years I was always finding places to live or rent. I thought to myself that I finally need to establish a foundation for me. I bought my first house on this day.
  • Late Adulthood- Biosocial

    I finally got enough nerve and went to the doctor to have my constanct headaches evaluated. It was discovered that I had high blood pressure and was put on prescription medication. The headaches are now gone and I physcially feel great.
  • Late Adulthood- Psychosocial

    I've retired after 28 years of the fire service. I have big plans of enjoying retirement in a log cabing bulit on an all sports lake.
  • Late Adulthood- Cognitive

    I'm starting to forget where I put things and what I have to do on a day to day basis.
  • Epilogue- Death

    I die from a heart attack in my sleep. This is after many years of battling heart disease due to stress and high blood pressure.