Timeline Final Project

  • Period: to

    My Life

  • Aproximate Date of Conception

    Approximately nine months before my birth; beginning my prenatal development.
  • My Birth

    I was born at 10:41 on the 25th of February, 1993 at University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  • Learned to Walk

    Took my first steps.
    The First Two Years- Biosocial
  • Started Playing with Other Kids

    My mom would have her friend from mom's group babysit while she went out to run errands. I played along side kids my age. I had secure attachment.
    First Two Years- Cognitive
  • First Words

    First words spoken- Dada at 10 months
    First Two Years- Cognitive
  • Started Writing Stories

    At the age of two I would scribble on paper and then read my mom the story I had written. Writing stories was always my imaginitive outlet as a child. My mom saved many of my stories, and even though they make no sense half the time they are fun to read.
    Early Childhood- Psychosocial
  • Start Gymnastics

    Started gymnastics class. My gross motor skill at the age of 5 were superb. I was a natural at being able to coordinate my body movements.
    Early Childhood- Biosocial
  • Read a Book to my Parents for the First Time

    At the age of six I read a book from school to my parents for the first time.
    Early Childhood- Cognitive
  • My Parents Divorce

    My parents divorced when I was eight. This changed the family structure from a nuclear family to a single-parent family.
    Middle Childhood- Psychosocial
  • Learned to Multiply and Divide

    In thrid grade (eight years old) I learned how to multiply and divide.
    Middle Childhood- Biosocial
  • First Dance Solo

    I performed my first dance solo at the age of ten. This shows how much my memory had grown becuase I was able to go out on stage by myself and perform a solo.
    Middle Childhood- Cognitive Development
  • My First Period

    I'm a woman! This marks the beginning of puberty.
    Adolescence- Biosocial
  • Extremely Shy in High School

    Because I had an extreme imaginary audience in my head, I was extremely self-conscious and probably more shy than was healthy. I had a very bad problem with my shyness until my second semester of college when I learned to break out of my shell.
    Adolescence- Cognitive
  • Living Habits

    After leaving home for college I settled into my own living habits. I am a relatively healthy eater, and I emjoy getting exercise through dancing on my dance team.
    Emerging Adulthood- Biosocial
  • Depression

    During my first semester of college I became so depressed I had to seek professional help.
    Adolescence- Psychosocial
  • Declared Atheist

    After many many hours of thought, I have come to the conclusion that there is no higher being or afterlife. This does not mean I don't have morals and values I live by.
    Emerging Adulthood- Cognitive
  • Vocational Identity

    By the time I graduate college I will have my vocational identity completely set in stone and figured out. Hopefully it'll be psychology!
    Emerging Adulthood- Psychosocial
  • Doctorate Degree

    Eventually I will go to school to get my doctorate degree in psychology. I will make sure I never stop learning throughout my life.
    Adulthood- Cognitive
  • Marriage

    I hope to get married anytime after the age of 28.
    Adulthood- Psychosocial
  • First Child

    Hopefully at around the age 29 or later I will be married and give birth to a child.
    Adulthood- Biosocial
  • Development of Cardiovascular Disease

    Obviously I don't know for sure if I will have cardiovasular disease, but it is highly likely that I will have problems with high-blood pressure seeing as both of my parents do. My grandparent also has problems with his heart. He has had two heart attacks and is only 70 years old. And even if I don't develop cardiovascular disease, I might develop some other kind of disease with old age.
    Late Adulthood- Biosocial
  • Late Creative Development

    When I'm old and bored I will need a way to express my creativity. Maybe I'll pick up an instrument (even if it will be hard for me to learn since those neuro-pathways are long gone) or grow a tremendous garden. I hope I never lose my creativity and hopefully, I can include my grandchildren in my activities.
    Late Adulthood- Cognitive
  • Assisted Living

    If I get to a point where I can no longer live on my own, I want my family to move me into assisted living. I do not want to be a burden, and I understand that my family has there own life to live. It will not hurt my feelings when they tell me it is time for me to live in an assisted living home. Also, I will be able to make friends and won't be so lonely!
    Late Adulthood- Psychosocial
  • Learning my time is limited..

    Maybe I will have the oppurtunity to hear the doctor tell me I have a few months to live. In my opinion, this would be ideal. I would love to have a chance to get my affairs in order and peacefully accept my death, I would like to die some time in my 80s; I don't want to be too old!