• the second battle of marne begins.

    The second Marne offensive was launched on the back of an earlier push towards Paris which recaptured the Chemin des Dames ridge en route,
  • The treaty of versailles was signed

  • On this day in history birth of frank Wess

  • The British submarine L-34 sinks

    43 are killed.
  • France begins to withdraw its troops from Germany

  • Mein Kampf was published

    Hitler writes Mein Kampf in jail for the Munich Pustch this book is seen as a detailed description of the ideas Hitler has for when he rises to power and is a main source when he does eventually come to power.
  • Austin Peay.

    Tennessee Governor Austin Peay signs the Butler Act, prohibiting the teaching of evolution in the state's public schools.
  • television

    black and white.
  • Charles Lindbergh being the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic ocean.

  • 'mark' to 'kroon'

    Estonia changed its currency from 'mark' to 'kroon' Officail opening ceremony of Summer Olympics in Amsterdam