• prenatal development made mom sick psychosocial

  • My birth day gave mom complications:

    I was born and had to be taken away from my mother and put in a incubator because I was born early. I just couldnt waite to get into the world.
  • started kindergarten and learned how to start reading: cognitive

  • my first word: cognitive

    my first word was mom and my dad tried so hard to get me to say dad. My dad says that even if I new what and object was I would say mom.
  • began crawling: biosocial

  • secure attachment: psychosocial

  • began walking: biosocial

  • full long sentence: cognitive

    "see spot run"
  • Authoritarian parenting style father/ mother :psychosocial

  • started potty training:

  • riding first two wheeler: biosocial

  • potty trained

  • started preschool: cognitive

  • found first best friend: psychosocial

  • started kindergarten: cognitive

  • lost first tooth: biosocial

  • moved in with grandmother

  • wrote first term paper: cognitive

  • father went to jail:psychosocial

  • first serious boyfriend: biosocial

  • met my husband:

  • grauated high school

    very happy my mom made it to my graduation. Didnt realize this was the last big event she would be able to attend.
  • Started college at UNOH for lpn: cognitive

  • mother passed away: biosocial

    A very sad event in my life because my mother always wanted to be at my wedding and she passed away 7 months before my wedding. She was to young to go.
  • got married:psychosocial

    One of the happiest days of my life but very sad my dad couldn't be there to walk me down the aisle.
  • became sick when having first child: psychosocial

  • my parenting style authoratarian: psychosocial

  • had a baby girl

    Her name is Blakely Mary Thompson.
  • got rn's license: cognitive

  • got first job a RN:

  • my baby girls first word mom: cognitive

  • father died:biosocial

  • I go through menopause: biosocial

    menopause was very hard on me had heat flashes.
  • first grandchild: psychosocial

  • looked bath on life and felt fulfillment: psychosocial

    I fell that I have had a much fulfilled life and raised great children and also have mentally, physically and psychologically been fulfilled.
  • developed alzheimers disease: cognitive

  • loss continence: biosocial

  • today I died: biosocial