By narelle
  • Discovery Of Australia

    Discovery Of Australia
    The first person to step foot on Australia, besides the aboriginals, was William Jansz/Janszoonm, he first landed on Australia shores thinking that he was on New Guinea but actually was the first person to land on a non mapped country.
  • Napoleon

    Napoleon was a French military and political leader.
    He was born on the 15th of August in 1769 in Ajaccio, Corsica.
    Napoleon was a general in the French revolution, ruler of France as first consul of the French republic, emperor of France, king of Italy, mediator of the Swiss Confederation and protector of the confederation of Rhine.
  • Ned Kelly

    Ned Kelly
    Ned Kelly was a Irish Australian bushranger.
    During Ned Kelly's life he committed many crimes making him a wanted outlaw. On the 27th of June 1880 there was a massive gun battle, Kelly was wounded and captured.
    At 10.00am on November 11th 1880 Ned Kelly was hanged in the Old Melbourne Goal.
  • Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein was a scientist who studied physics.
    He discovered spacetime, spacetravel.
    Albert Einstein also invented the term E=mc2.
  • World War 1

    World War 1
    World War 1 began when Germany and Britain went to war.
    World War 1 is also known as 'The Great War'.
  • The First Man To Walk On The Moon

    The First Man To Walk On The Moon
    Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.
    The phrase he used when he walked on the moon was
    'One small step for man and one giant leap for man kind'.
  • Pompeii

    A volcano called 'Mt Vesuvius' erupted in Italy and a town called 'Pompeii' was completely buried by poisonous ash.
    The town lay buried 9 feet deep for 1,700 years until 1748 when archaelogists re discovered it.
  • September 11

    September 11
    On September 11 terrorist attacked America.
    They destroyed the Twin Towers by flying planes into them killing thousands of people other buildings in America were also attack in this way.
  • The Apology

    The Apology
    On the 13th of February Kevin Rudd apologised for the mistreatment of aboriginals by previous governments.
  • Barack Obama

    Barack Obama
    Barack Obama was the first African American to become president of the United States.
    This was a major moment for all black people because of the way they were treated in the past.