How emotional...

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  • 3,999 BCE

    Rocks! Oh! Ah! Happy!

    Rocks! Oh! Ah! Happy!
    "The process varies between fun and frustrating, but it’s difficult to not be pleased when you succeed in completing what you set out to make"
    it's interesting to read that there had to be a mental image in the makers' head without any prior knowledge
    all that is in the way at the beginning is personal creativity.
    The relationship had already been established between the two
  • 100

    Bible? an emotion filled technoloy?

    Bible? an emotion filled technoloy?
    Believe it or not, the Bible can be considered technology. More importantly, it served as a technology that took into consideration our emotions. It isn't just the Bible, all books fall into this category. It has been a form of technology that makes us feel something. The relationship continues.
  • Pause! Freeze time.

    Pause!  Freeze time.
    technology and the human timelines are moving at a constant pace- something is missing from this relationship though. it is a one-sided heavy filled emotion bucket with no return from the other end. Technology has been there, and it brings emotions to the surface of the human but there isn't a response from the technology
  • Getting closer...

    Getting closer...
    facial recognition was first used in the 1960s a new technology slowly emerging but too slick for its time
    we have now advanced the relationship with technology to know have it know what we look like.
    You have never felt closer to your technology...
  • SMART technology

    technology knows what you look like and now we can talk to it and it will talk back, Technology-now in the comfort of your own home. Someone or something to give you an immediate response. No wait. Instant satisfaction.
  • before iCarly there was iCalm A NEW AGE

    before iCarly there was iCalm   A NEW AGE
    entering a new millennium- a lot can change
    imagine you are stressed out or can't focus.
    want to calm down? all you have to do is touch your wristband.
    now instead of the technology initiating our emotions, it can now regulate our emotions.
    we are getting closer to technology interacting with human emotion
    this video shows the "doppel" wristband similar to original versions and prototypes of it.
  • Siri, Alexa, Echo...Whatever you call her she will answer

    a new decade has come and technology is advancing faster than we think. Our mobile devices, work computers, and eventually at-home products to recognize your voice and now follow a command. With such advancements in today's world, you can get these technologies to do anything for you and make your life easier. We are happier because of that right?
  • We've got the power!--- or do we?

    We've got the power!--- or do we?
    as the word is becoming more tech-savvy, the technology seems to assist but take control over us at the same time. We are at ease but become so frustrated. Are we getting closer to fully interacting with the new technology or will emotion always be the barrier?
  • "AR" we real?

    "AR" we real?
    Today we are seeing the greatest achievement made I believe-
    AR or Augmented Reality emojis.
    I open my phone right now and open the camera and I can turn myself into an emoji. the same face muscles move, I speak- it speaks, and I can even do the full body and record my actual self doing a dance and the emoji will replicate it.
    This is I think the closest we have become to breaking the technology-human relationship.
    If it can mirror human emotion we are not far away from it telling our emotion
  • Talking to a wall This blog post sums it up very well. We are nearing a point where technology will humanize more than it already has. All that is needed left is to share emotions. Technology can recognize a face, copy facial muscles, speak, but what about understanding the intricacies of each individual physical attributes and connecting to us on an emotional level.
  • The ol' chip on the shoulder

    The ol' chip on the shoulder
    Imagine, a new age, 2020 has passed. We have survived, the scientists and engineers have looked at the data, the wall is coming down. Technology, emotion, and human will run as one. it's like a little sticker or patch you can put on yourself- but it is compacted with the newest technology. It understands how you feel, and responds according to what your body is undergoing. press it and it gives you a synopsis of everything, don't forget it can also interact with you
  • Period:

    Scientific Revolution...duh..

    the timeline of technology has caught up to the timeline of human advancement.
    a time of mass innovation, new technologies are being created for understanding and interpreting the world around us
    We are mesmerized by the technology that is evolving, yet we are furious because it is interfering with the Church and its value!
    A Battle for the ages!