• USA created ARPA

    1958 USA created ARPA as an answer to the URSS develope on nuclear and spacial technollogy
  • First e-mail sended

    1961 First e-mail send from a IBM 7094 (Massachusetts)
  • Licklider and civil use of the ARPA system

    1962 ARPA allow to Licklider the civil use of it system.
  • Packet communication

    1963 Born the packet communication
  • ARPAnet start

    1969 ARPAnet start as the first academic and scientific network developed from ARPA
  • Born the @

    Born the @ use by Ray Tomlinson
  • E-mail

    1972 start the popularization of e-mail
  • TCP/IP was invented

    1974 TCP/IP was invented by Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn
  • Internet take its name

    1980 Appears Internet
  • Project Xanadu

    1981 start Project Xanadu created by Ted Nelson
  • Richard Stallman and the free software

    1984 Richard Stallman start his first comments about free software
  • Origin of the NSFnet development

    1986 The National Science Foundation creates the NSFnet development to connect 5 superomputers
  • DNS systems are named

    1987 Paul Mockapetris creates a name DNS systems to computers.
  • CERN and the internet

    1988 CERN boost internet
  • Netscape borned

    1993 Netscape born Creted by Mac Andreessen and Jim Clarck.
  • Yahoo!

    1994 Yahoo! is creted by David Filo and Jerry Yang.
  • Wellcome to the Blogs

    1995 Blogs born as a new way to do journalism
  • Here is your daddy

    1995 Google is created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
  • Napster and the free music

    1999 Napster start to allow the reproduce of free music. Is created by Shawn Fanning.
  • A new way to sell in internet

    2000 ebay growup e-commerce. There were more than 800 millions of user in internet.
  • Goodbye Napster

    2001 Napster is closed because of copyright.
  • An internet pirate

    2003 The Pirate Bay is the biggest P2P portal in the world.
  • China and its users

    2004 China reach more than 800 millions of users.
  • Facebook in Hardvard

    2004 Facebook is launched in Hardvard as a social network. Is created by Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Google ate ( bougth) Youtube

    2006 Youtube is bought by Google.
  • Twitter as a politic interaction in internet

    2007 Twitter start to grow. Internet start to have a political used in Twitter.
  • My Space and the artist

    2008 My Space has million of users . Is used as a platfform to show cultural and artistic products from artist.
  • Wikipedia

    2009 Wikipedia is the biggest wiki in the world.
  • Internet and its impact in Iran

    2009 Plattforms as Twiter were used as a way to figth the electoral fraud in Iran.