time line

By codydun
  • Eli Whitney

    Inwented the cotton gin.
    Transformed cotton to a usable product
    Removed cotton seed from cotton fiber
  • Cast iron plow

    Invented in the early 1800's
    Thomas jefferson
    Rough surface that dirt stuck to
  • Cyrus Mcormick

    Invented the grain reaper
    Cut grains
    Cut wheat, oats, and other crops
  • Steel moldboard plow

    Invented 1893
    Jhon deere
    Smoother surface
    Rich clay soil did not stick to it
    Made plowing easier and faster
  • corn picker

    Invented in 1850
    Edmund quincy
    Helped speed up the harvesting of corn
  • Milking Machine

    invented in 1878
    Anna Baldwin
    Used vacuum suction
    Replaced hand milking
  • Tractor

    invented in 1904
    Benjamin holt
    Replaced the mule as a source of power
    Horse power