TianAnMen Square Massacre

  • Hu YaoBang Dies

    Hu YaoBang Dies
    The Party's Government leader at the time died on this day, which then caused a later uproar and protest by students seizing th eoppurtunity to reform their Communistic Government.
  • China Switches To Martial Law to Stop Protests

    This is the turning point in which the Chinese Government decided to solve the Protesting Problem with Military Enforcement.
  • Gorbachev Visits China

    This highly important day was used by the student protesters to achieve publicity on their fight for democratic freedom of oppression in a corrupt commuinist government.
  • TianAnMen Square Massacre Begins

    TianAnMen Square Massacre Begins
    Late at night the rallies in TianAnMen Square began to turn into an uproar of anger and protest as the Chinese Government began to send in Militia in order to stop the Pro-Democratic protests.
  • TianAnMen Square Massacre Ends

    In the late afternoon of this day, the violent end to the Pro-Democratic Protests took place. This is considered by many to be one of the lowest points in the history of The People's Republic of China.