Thebes, Greece

By ariach
  • Period: 361 to 371

    BCE Hegemony of Thebes

    Thebes rule of power
  • Period: 364 to 370

    BCE Invasion of Laconia

    Sparta was taking over arcadian territories and Epameinondas to take action so he sent an army in 370. Thebes tried to save Laconia so they marched to a spartan port and attempted to destroy it but failed. Epameinondas mached to arcadia and built megalopolis to control the federation. He invaded again in 369 to communicate with allies. He was able to get to the Pelloponese and join the arcadian allies. He invaded Corinth but failed. Pelpidas took Philip as hostage.
  • 371

    BCE Battle of leuctra

    Leros Lochos (sacred band) was 300 of the most athletic men who tarained continuously and defeated the spartans once again after this Thebes became the most powerful city in Greece
  • Period: 375 to

    BCE spartan invasion

    The spartans invade Thebes. there was a power struggle and all democrats either fled or were removed. In 379 2 Spartan government officials and 5 compaions attended a party held by Thebes rulers and when they got drunk the rulers and oter guests killed the 7 and then went to leontiades's house and killed him. The exiles returned and with the help of Thebes citizens drove out the spartans and Pelopidas killed both commanders.
  • Sep 21, 1205

    BCE Epigoi

    BCE     Epigoi
    In about 1205 the sons of the seven chiefs came and conguered the city and the inhabitants fled to Illyria
  • Sep 21, 1215

    BCE destruction

    BCE     destruction
    In about 1215 Thebes was destroyed confirming the myth of the 7 chiefs
  • Sep 21, 1500

    BCE Founded

    BCE     Founded
    In 1500 Kadmos founded Thebes with some Phoenicians
  • BCE battle of koronea

    BCE     battle of koronea
    Sparta invaded the boetian plain of koronea and. Thebes, Athens, and allies defended it. Sparta won but Thebes succeded in breaking thier lines and fighting better
  • BCE Persian war ends

    BCE     Persian war ends
    The persian war (where Thebes fought with persia) ends and the spartans saved Thebes from destruction
  • BCE Populate

    BCE     Populate
    In 2500 people began to populate the city now known as Thebes, Greece