The Year of The Hangman by Gary Blackwood

  • Chapter 1 Total number of pages- 261

    Fiction: Action-- 1-14 pages; total (14) Today I read about how Creighton a 15 year old boy who lives in London England and what he does. He gambles all of his parents money away while his father died in battle in the colonies. His mother is not happy with him.
  • Chapter 2- 4

    Pages 14-50; (50)
    Creighton was kidnapped and put on a ship called the Amity. His uncle captured him and took him to the colonies. Creighton is new to the world and it has been the first time he has seen the colonies.
  • Chapters 5-6

    Pages 50-80 (80)
    Creighton and the crew of the Amity arrived at Charles town. They go and see Dr. Franklin of the famous Benjamin Franklin. He met Sophie, Dr. Frankilins servant and was to stay the night until Dr. Franklin decided if he can stay or not.
  • Chapters 7-8

    Pages 80-100 (100)
    Creighton finally meets Dr. Franklin. They bet on wether or not Creighton shall work for Dr. Franklin or not. Creighton of coarse loses and starts to work in the printing shop for Dr. Franklin.
  • Chapter 9

    Pages 101-110 (110)
    Creighton runs away from Dr. Franklins for the night. He buys food and ale and then runs into his uncle. They start talking about the Americans and their secrets and a plan for them to escape.
  • Chapter 10

    pages 110-113 (113)
    Creighton starts to become a "spy" and learns more about Dr. Franklin and some of his ideas. He learns what Franklin prints. He also learns about the almanac that Franklin wrote.
  • Chapter 11

    Pages: 123-131 (131) Creighton is getting use to working for Dr.Franklin. He finds out what the rebels propaganda is. He decoded their messages and looks forward to telling his uncle.
  • Chapters 12-18

    Pages 131-199 (199)
    Creighton helps his Uncle and another lutenient escape. Creighton learns the truth about his father that he did not die in battle he was hung. THe printing press caught on fire and was lost. Creighton started to help the Americans.
  • Chapters 19-21

    Pages 199- 233 (233)
    Creighton is to decipher messages for Gower. Creighton meets his father who was a prisoner.
  • Chapter 22-23

    pages 233- 257 (257)
    Creighton gets shot and is sent back to New Orleans from Carolina. He takes his father and peter with. His father is very ill and is taken to Dr.Franklins and treated.