The world before the great war

  • Period: to


    The most important influence on European diplomatic alignments at this time
  • Dual Monarchy

  • Disraeli

    Came to power as Prime Minister
  • Gladstone

    In the same year Disraeli became prime minister, he was replaced by Gladstone.
    (until 1874)
    he penned a prolix refletion on the responsibilites of power and his sacred duties to God
  • Period: to

    Bismarckian System of foreign policy

    He was the architect of a new balance, which dominated european diplomacy for 20 years. This system was conceived by its author as a means of avoiding dangerous diplomatic alignments and as a means of preserving the advantageous 'status quo' that Bismarck had achieved by the early 1870's.
  • Period: to

    British Splendid Isolation

    Ever since instituted, enabled Great Britain to play the role of protector of the equilibrium largely because no single country was capable of dominating the continent by itself. In regard to europena diplomacy, which produced the crisis and wars of the twentieth century, Great Britain continued to practice this policy
  • Period: to

    Rival European Nations

    France v.Germany
    Austria-Hungary v. Russia
  • Period: to

    Russian protection of slav nationals

  • Period: to


  • A giant in its midst

    German unified and Bismarck Chancellor
  • Period: to

    German/ French tension

    see end of Franco-Prussian war
  • Period: to

    French imperialism

  • German Unification/Bismarck Chancelor

  • End to Franco-Prussian war

    French/German tensions settle in over Germany gaining Alsace Lorraine, makes the French feel the need to revenge them
  • Three Emperors League

    Germany, Russia, Austria-Hungary
  • Dual Alliance

    Austria-Hungary and Germany
  • Triple Alliance

    Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
  • Period: to

    Reinsurance treaty

    Russia and Germany
  • Germany no longer a "trois in a europe of five powers"

    Bismarck's assumption that there were 5 major european powers and that Germany's security would be guarenteed if it maintained an alliance with two of them. Therefore it was no longer possible for Germany to be a part of an allianc e of 3 powers that would be stronger than the stronger coalition that could form against them
  • Period: to

    Militarism & Deterrance

    Avoid a war by way of military build up
  • Period: to


    Wilhelm introduces it when he comes into power but other european powers notice it during the agadir crisis
  • Franco-Russian Alliance

  • White dominions

    Britain allied with them:
    Canada, New Zealand, and Australia
  • Period: to


    some historians thought "economic power equated to military power"
  • Entente Cordiale

    France and Britain
  • Russo-Japanese War

    Germans encouraged Russians to go to war to take the attention away from them
  • Dreadnought

    British ship, revolutionary speed, evidence of militarism
  • The Dreadnought

    evidence of militarism
  • Triple Renewed

  • Triple Entente

    France, Britain, Russia
    (In response to triple alliance)
  • Triple renewed 2nd time

  • Balkan League created

  • First Balkan War

  • Period: to

    Austria Hungary

    The victory for Balkan nationalism was a disaster beyond remedy for the Hapsburg Monarchy
    Prestige was at a low
  • Second Balkan war

    Bulgaria tried to push serbia and greece out of macedonia
  • Period: to


    The victory of Balkan nationalism caused the confidence and daring of Serbia to be at a peak
    Added some million and a half to its population and could now molbilize an army of some 400,000 men
  • Franz Ferdinand assasinated

  • Austria Hungary declares war on Serbia