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  • Assassination leading to war

    Assassination leading to war
    The assassination of Ferdinand's Franz lead to the war. Franz was a member of Serbian nationalist group.
  • War begins

    War begins
    The ww1 begins, Great Britian, France and Russia (allied powers) and Germany, Austria-hungary, ottoman (central powers.)
  • War on serbia

    Austria Hungary declares war on Serbia!
  • Russia

    Russia prepares its armed forces
  • Forming Alliances

    Forming Alliances
    By 1914 the alliances were made. There were two major ones thee allied powers and the central powers. Allied included Great Britian, Franc and Russia. While Central had Germany. Austria-Hungary and the ottoman
  • Germany declares war

    Germany declares war on Russia!
  • Germany decalres war

    Germany decalres war
    Germany declares war on france
  • Invading Belgium

    Germany invades Belgium
  • declaring war on germany

    Britian declares war on Germany
  • War on Russia

    Austria-Hungary decalres war on Russia
  • war on Austria-Hungary

    France and Britain declare war on Austria Hungary!
  • The battle of the Marne

    this battle saved Paris from invasion by the Germans and boosted French Morale, also made sure that neither side was capable of winning the war quickly or easily.
  • invading Belgium

    invading Belgium
    Germany invades Belgium
  • Deadly technology

    Deadly technology
    After seeing the fast effects of tanks the Germans started to produce them as well.
  • breaking the deadlock

    both sides attempted to break the deadlock of trench warfare by launching major offensives
  • America being neutral?

    when the war first began, USA didnt wanted to be involved or were taking sides. But soon America started to take sides.
  • Propaganda

    Inorder to gain support of Americans, both sides used propganda, even though both propgandas were horrible the allied propganda was more effective in influencing Americans.
  • Ending of Neutrality!

    the crisis over submarine warfare led the United States to take steps to strengthen its military. Congress passed legislation that doubled the size of the arny and provided funds to bulid new warships.
  • Brink of the warr

    Brink of the warr
    Germany reversed its policy on submarine warfare, germany announced that it would sink on sight all merchants vessels armed or unarmed sailing to the Allied ports.
  • The Angry President

    The Angry President
    President Wilson broke off diplomatic relations with germany
  • The Zimmerman letter

    The Zimmerman letter
    The German foreign minsiter, Arthur Zimmermann sent a telegram to mexico with a offer to mexican gov. The newspaper published it and due to that the americans reacted very angirly to the German's action.
  • Revolution in Russia

    alot of events that led U.S led to its bink of the war! 1st a revoloution took place in russia, Russia overthrwing the monarchy . Other Critical events also took place. The germans attacked and sank 4 american ships.
  • Helping the Allies.

    The Allies desperately needed the help of the Americans, Since the allied armies were exhausted tired and straved. So America started to provided the supplies . Also help britian destroy destroy the german submarines
  • America entering the war!

    Wilson ask for a declaration of a war against Germany. After a no congress finaly agreed to pass the declaration of war.
  • raising army

    raising army
    The United States had to quickly raise an army. So men at age 21 or 30 registerd. By the end of the war, 24 million man had registered. Even African Americans joined in!
  • Russia Withdrawing!

    Led by Vladimir Lenin, the Bolsheiks wanted to end Russia's participation in the war. Leniin signed the treaty of Brest Litovsk with Germany surrendering Poland , the Ukraine and other territory to the Germans.
  • American Troops enetring the war!

    americans helped turning the war around. General John. J pershing led the AEF in Europe. The American forces fought their way through the forest soild wall of german machine gun fire. By the mid of of july the allies had stopped the german offenive and started one of thier own.
  • New German Offensive

    After the years of stalemates along the western front the area along the french german border it suddenly looked as if Germany will win the war.
  • defeating germans!

    about 500.000 soldiers defeated the germans at saint Mihiel. The battle of Argonne forest dragged for seven weeks. The battle of Argonne forest ended in early nov when the allies finally pushed back the germans and break thrugh the enmy lines. Germans were now faced with the invasion of their own country!
  • Ending the war

    Ending the war
    Germany finally realized they had very little chance of wiinig the war, so they finally gave up! So on Oct 4, the germans appealed for armistice . While the germany leaders were thinking to accept the demands, the german kaiser WILHELM II was forced to give up his throne. Germany became a republic and new leaders agreed to wilson's term of the armistice. Germany agreed to withdraw all land forces . With the sighning of the armistice, the Great war ended!