The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima fiction 426 pages

  • Prologue - Chapter 2 (page 642)

    Wizards come to capture a warrior. 100 years prior. Jack is a high school age boy. Had heart surgery as an infant. Forgot to take his medicne but felt better without it even after soccer tryouts. (46 pages)
  • Chapter 2 - Chapter 4 (page 697)

    Jack's aunt Linda visits and asks if Jack and his friends want to go on a road trip to find out more about Jack's family history. They go to a small town in the middle of nowhere and break into the courthouse to look throught the records. They they want to know where his great-gradmother Susannah Downey is buried. They get attacked by a man Linda knows and run. Linda leads him away while Jack and his friends go to the library and find where Susannah is burried (55pages)
  • Chapter 4 - Chapter 7 (page 729)

    Jack makes varsity soccer. He starts sword training with the assistant princlipal Mr. Hastings. He also starts wizard training with Nick Sowbeard. (32 pages)
  • Chapter 7 - Chapter 13 (860 pages)

    Jack and Becka go to England. There Jack is attacked by wizards and fakes his own death to escape Dr. Longbranch. Hastings takes himto his house in Cumbria to recover. (129 pages)
  • Cahpter 13 - Chapter 16 (933 pages)

    Jack and Hastings go to Raven'sGhyll,where the warrior tournament willbe held. Jack will fight for Hastings and the other warrior is Ellen.
  • Chapter 14 - Chapter 17 (page 974)

    Jack learns more about how the tournament works and sneaks into Ellen's room to talk to her. He doesn't want to kill her but she doesn't seem to have a problem with killing him. Hastings expresses is feelings on the tournament at the banquet the night before. (41 pages)
  • Chapter 18 - Epilouge (1069 pages)

    Jack and Ellen fight, Jack is stronger but doesn't try to kill Ellen. He breaks his ankle but ellen saves him because hes never done anything mean to her. Susannah comes with an army of dead warriors and force the wizards to change the rules of the game so there is no more tournaments and all guilds are equal. (94 pages)