The Uprising of Syria

By jg18677
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    The Uprisning of Syria

  • Presedent Assad spared

    Even tho the EU imposses embargo on syria, it doesnt wish to take Presedent Assad down. Hundreds are arrested and tanks invade homes.
  • President Bashar al-Assad becomes the target for US

    President Obama plans to impose sanctions against Assad due to his brutal responce on the pro-democratic protests. I choose this article becuase it talks about what the US is doing to intervene with Syria's problem with their ruler and what the US is going to do to stop Bashar al-Assad
  • Basshar al-Assad and other senior officals add list of those who can't travel to EU

    Prime Ministers are expanding restrictions aganist Syria and its seinor members including Assadby banning them in traveling to the EU.
  • Activist ignore al-Qaida's video support in thier uprising

    Syrian activist have rejected a video sent from the new al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, encouraging them on the uprising.
  • Saudi King demands an end to the killings in Syria

    King Abdullah demands an end to what is going on in Syria. According to a writtten statement read on tv, Abdullah recalled "What is happening in Syria is not acceptable for Saudi Arabia"
  • Obama states that Assad must resign

    Obama along with European Leaders have increased the pressure on Assad's presidential future, encouraging him to surrender power.
  • Bans have been put on purchising oil from Syria

    The European Union have put a ban on purchisning syrian oil to pressure presedent Assad to step out of office. The US and EU want assad to end the violent protesting, But assad shows no sign of stepping down